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  1. JETT


    There are going to be some interesting commercials coming out very soon about the top candidates especially trump....
  2. I'd vote anyone other than trump... you dont agree with trump but vote for him right? And who ever said he's my choice, hes most likely the candidate but that isn't final yet.... I've heard plenty ppl who voted trump say I voted trump in 2016 but I will vote other in 2020 so....
  3. JETT


    So the truth finally comes out... knew he was a bernie fanatic
  4. And also like I said earlier, to be honest I dont care who the president is I will always have a job.... my wife is a RN and pays our healthcare out of her check so were good either way... and I also have god on my side so whether its Bernie, trump, Bloomberg or whoever... neither side benefits me... so I dont cut for either party, and I'll always provide for my family no matter what the situation is.. I've always worked hard since I graduated and I always will
  5. Doesn't give these ppl the right to do that to his supporters... everyone is each and their own, I dont care who I dislike I have boundaries and respect everyone's opinion/space
  6. People these days are insanely ridiculous... why would you do that?
  7. Doing well, its friday and the weekend, dont think It gets much better than this
  8. They own a septic business pump trucks.. they have 2 trucks and repair I have 3 pump trucks.... I dont care who the president is ppl will always so I will always have a job
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