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  1. I never said go to jail I said resign for not serving the American ppl.... nothing gets done for American ppl they serve whats in the best interests for them selves... America is going down the drain b4 our eyes SAD..... the bar is set for the next administrations to come
  2. I've said plenty times they all need to be replaced starting from the top... you get on here every day and say the 'it over and over!!! Parrot head SSDD!!!!
  3. So if Obama's AG done these things you'd be perfectly fine? Doubt it...
  4. Barr should resign for being U.S. attorney General of trump and backing a corrupt president.... they can't even get their story straight on this situation SAD
  5. I can play your games all day if you'd like....
  6. I thought 1,000,000 tickets requested? Quite a difference id say
  7. I haven't seen any of these kids parents coming forward with allegations on their kids, yet the same ppl on here are calling him pedo etc... #NEXT QUESTION
  8. sure...... nice excuse cause you were lost and needed guidance... anyone can read your comment and know it was referred to who you were quoting.... SMH
  9. Dems will do what the Republicans did and brush it off
  10. Trump is a lost puppet who was a Democrat for many years, then turned republican to rack up voters SAD True storie
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