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  1. Who knows what would happen if I'd get pulled over since I'm strapped? I'd tell em I'm strapped and it probably would still escalate.... scary azz cops
  2. You sound happy and excited, quick to post this... Either way we'll just have to trust this justice system that the smoaky folks says is legit
  3. IMO full liability, you take a life you should be held accountable.... either way he won't make it long in these streets if he's acquitted, there's clowns daily killing ppl for no damn reason, they chomping at the bit for this POS wanna be officer.... JMO
  4. Yall folks are ridiculous, I've seen no accountability by an officer from none of yall... its only getting worse and honestly the way its going I wouldn't want to be a officer anymore
  5. Had I did nothing I wouldn't cooperate as well... So, if a cop shows up to your place and tells you to step out your place and you've done nothing wrong you cooperate? Loss of freedom more and more each and everyday... funny thing is yall are the ppl claiming our freedom is being taken away
  6. The guy was within everyone of his rights... I'd like to see the whole video as well, maybe more BS on the cops part of this after all... especially the we'll drop the charges if you let this go... bribery SMH
  7. He didn't want to be in the car, shouldn't have gave him a choice then he's forced out of the car.... I don't recall a struggle between him and officers that wasn't anything the everyday cop doesn’t deal with that's why there trained.... I guess knee to the neck will be the new norm
  8. I get it man, defend by all means that's cool... we'll agree to disagree
  9. As a human I guess I have more sympathy for human life than LE.. ive seen situations handled way better than this POS cop
  10. LMMFAO, blood coming from the man's nose? Yeah let's continue cause he'll get up and do what he didn't do at first and fight.. what a joke GTFOH
  11. Well never agree on these issues but that's cool and what makes America, america
  12. Hands up asking questions... I guess we could let uncle LE control us when we've done nothing wrong....
  13. Ok fair enough, I'll trust the jury... if that's possible
  14. 3+ minutes unresponsive is not proper training.... LE is also trained sorta like paramedics and he did nothing to try and save the man...
  15. The dude cooperated what video did you watch?
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