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  1. I heard last night that there going back and forth on when he actually died, hell he's unresponsive for minutes in the video after yelling to his dead mama.... doesn't matter where he actually died, the officer caused his death, and needs to be charged with murder
  2. Those 2 from arbery case better hope they get jury on their side if not there done
  3. 30 sec video? More like 9 minutes of the guy begging for his life saying he'll get in the car, I can't breathe, their going to kill me etc.... guys nose starts bleeding... the guy went unresponsive for minutes and the cop didn't move til paramedics showed up.... bunch of BS hell yeah something needs to be done.... there's 4 cops there and he's handcuffed this was excessive and needs to be corrected, shouldn't take someone losing their life this way for a change to be made SAD
  4. I respect Colin kaepernick, his right and his freedom.... he stood for his belief and i stand behind him..... we have rights as humans and he exercised it and got relieved of his job
  5. So I guess before this knee on the neck he was bound to die on that day either way? SMFH got to be kidding me
  6. Man begging for his life and these officers doing this to him.... SUPER SAD, they need to charge these guys
  7. I went to a customer last residence today and we started talking politics, he is a big trump supporter, this guy had the nerves to tell me I know alot of blacks don't support trump but my favorite thing he has said "is what do you have to lose" referring to the blacks, I just kind of stared in shocked and disbelief.... i mean damn the blacks aren't that low in the totem pole SMFH
  8. Why would you call someone "colored" in the first place? This ain't kindergarten or elementary SMFH
  9. What an idiot, ppl these days are out of their minds
  10. You must not know how our business works, must be the reason you keep blurtin out these dumb comments SMMFH
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