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  1. Appreciate it just found it and purchased tickets
  2. Thanks, I'm heading that way now
  3. Anything yet on yalls ticket sales
  4. Appreciate it, I can't make that drive tomorrow just to purchase tickets hopefully something from gilmer will pop up
  5. When you hear something, if you don't mind let me know
  6. Make room in your PM, or shoot me a PM got a quick question
  7. How's tickets for this 1? Might have to make the trip
  8. Game 1 of 2 this year... defensive battle, I see a 7 point or less win for either squad.... wish I could attend this 1
  9. Lobos did a helluva job majority of the game, some questionable play calls at times and bad penalties but other than 1 TD drive by hornets lobos played well... the lobo fumble inside their own 10-15 that led to a hornet TD 1 or 2 plays later was a gift from LV and the 1 as time expired was another gift... great win lobos keep working
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