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  1. Man you've been babbling like a damn baby the past week
  2. Same ol same, working trying to provide for the family.... back on topic b4 we get this bad boy locked up
  3. He's not sure about anything... How you been lately, whats trending on Twitter?
  4. Any proof of this? I'd like to read on it
  5. I'm just glad trump gone.... THANK GOD
  6. I knew trump was doomed, he was a loud mouth obnoxious idiot, he wasn't serving 2 terms
  7. Sounds like a rough 4 years ahead for you buddy.... life goes on the way I look at it
  8. You live in some loser HOA place?
  9. Why were they asking trump for a pardon?
  10. He knows he can't fish, im willing to bet he wears gloves to bait his hook
  11. There's no way in hell can a "billionaire" as yall call him can find enough write offs or loopholes to pay 1500 or whatever it was in the last number of years.... hence why he's lied and hides taxes
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