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  1. I'd trade spending a lil more at the pumps to watch yall cry like babies anyday!!!
  2. This might have been answered already but are tickets being sold at the gate? Asking for a relative
  3. Next week ought to be a good game... district championship on the line
  4. Pm sent, attach when and where
  5. You must be asking the wrong ppl to call you it in person....
  6. Only thing embarrassing is a nick name like Nicky!! You earned that name You calling it now that your team will get beat 4th round? LMMFAO
  7. Save this and bring it back up then
  8. Not really, all I can do is root the boys on... other than that It'll be a boring week
  9. Sour? what's sour bout those facts? I wouldn't be so sure on that 4 rds
  10. Laugh it up, almost everyone's whooped us this year that's nothing new... this week won't be any different, we just don't have it this year... our program has stalled over the past few years, only 1 way to go from here and that's up... good luck to them raiders I'm sure yall will make it a few rounds and then take that L as usual, but hey at least yall making playoffs
  11. Waste of topic... this will be embarrassing
  12. Keep working lobos, learn from this one and make that run!!! Future is bright for the rocking L
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