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  1. That's a bold pick but you might be right I was surprised by the score vs RC.
  2. How do the teams fair this weeks Cooper Vs Bye WC @ RC Celeste @ AG CP @ HG My Picks Cooper beats that Bye WC by 2 TDS Celeste in a nail biter HG by 2+ TDS
  3. Thoughts from Friday night: Not surprised by Wolfe City score. Thought Cooper would win by a lot more. Stunned that Como stayed within 2 scores of Rivercrest. Can't figure out whats going on with HG.
  4. Haha yeah we in region 2 not region 3 this year we seem to be a borderline team going different regions all the time.
  5. You're not even in the same region as us smart guy. Guess we know who won't be winning an academic state championship anytime soon.
  6. Well in all fairness the region isn't the toughest.
  7. Cooper beats Celeste Wolfe City big over Alba Rivercrest big over Como HG edges Callisburg
  8. Well because I went to watch them in their playoff game last year and the so called GOAT of coaching got out coached by the coaching staff at Sabine. MV play calling was terrible. Im sure that he has been able to do some more recruiting to strengthen his team this year. Maybe im giving PP more credit than they deserve coming into this year. Just didn't see them beating PP as badly as they did.
  9. Mt Vernon I knew they would be good but not expecting the way they are beating the competition.
  10. Yeah I'm very interested to see as people become more prepared if we can keep this rolling. We beat the breaks off farmersville last year just to watch it fall apart the next week.
  11. After Friday night looks like Cooper is back smooth operating that Option and shut down defense, Honey Grove not missing a beat. Not sure what to think of the Como win, don't know how good Simms Bowie is but they did shut them out. And then you have Alba, Rivercrest, and Wolfe City all Losing to people a division up. Think this district has chance to be really exciting moving forward.
  12. After the speed that appears we have this year, think it will be a tough night for collinsville. My prediction Cooper 35 Collinsville 21.
  13. Alba-Golden overall 0-1 District 0-0 Celeste overall 0-0 District 0-0 Como-Pickton overall 1-0 District 0-0 Cooper overall 1-0 District 0-0 Honey Grove overall 1-0 District 0-0 Rivercrest overall 0-1 District 0-0 Wolfe City overall 0-1 District 0-0
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