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  1. I know he was already at the center of a crazy back out but what about Cody Moore at Braswell wasn't he the OC at Rockwall for a while?
  2. Did they officially move on from the head coach? I don't remember hearing anything.
  3. the ones he reached out to i was told are outside candidates, that doesn't mean that it wont be an inside hire. I was just told he reached out to some area assistant coaches he has close ties with. No names or schools though just that he knows who he would like to bring in.
  4. Been told that the AD already knows the list of guys he wants to interview and has reached out to them to see if they are interested I do not know any names though.
  5. Wish we had few more fans like the ones from that district that has Tatum, Gladewater, Sabine, and White Oak, oh yeah and formerly West Rusk. They like to come on here and make things interesting and talk a little smack.
  6. Well technically they have 3 schools and I don't believe Chisum has any want or desire to consolidate either.
  7. As someone with no love lost to Prairiland this would make my day to watch them continue to fade into football oblivion. As someone with somewhat of a heart I would feel terrible for the football kids over there.
  8. I think Personally that WC is the favorite right now a lot of returning starters I understand. Honey Grove graduated both running backs and the QB. And Rivercrest graduate their entire "team" the QB. So I do think we have a chance to compete in this district. It is definitely tougher than the district we were in the last 2 years. But I would rather play these teams then the teams Chisum and Prairiland got.
  9. District 6 Alba-Golden, Rivercrest, Celeste, Como-Pickton, Cooper, Honey Grove, and Wolfe City. Alright I will go ahead and start this topic. What is everyone's thoughts on this district? Favorite? Team you feel bad for? and the Dark horse/Surprise team? Also I am excited to reignite an old rivalry with HG might be a fun year.
  10. I would think it would be all sports
  11. Depending on the district we get today you could be right
  12. This maybe true but now it is even less desirable than before.
  13. Commerce is another one that comes to mind. Really limiting the quality of the candidates that will apply.
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