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  1. Think this could be a really good job lots of talent.
  2. It is now confirmed by Matt Stepp Atlanta is open. McClure is going into an admin position.
  3. You talking about the one in the land of the Elks or the one from the early 2010's?
  4. I'm curious to see what direction they go. Will they look for hungry up and coming Coordinator looking for his 1st Head gig or will they go after a safe experienced choice? There a few head coaches in the general area at smaller school that I think would do a great job at a place like this. Just don't know how many would be interested in leaving their current situation.
  5. I agree but I guess we sit and wait lol allow whatever coach it is leaving time to address the kids
  6. I haven't seen anything but that might be the East Texas steppbomb he tweeted about yesterday.
  7. Nothing official that I have seen. But former Bulldog is definitely interested in this job. They have great facilities for school their size.
  8. School board probably can't stop arguing over what they are looking for
  9. I believe the head coach passed away and his son finished out the year as interim head coach. If it is posted anywhere I bet it is just formality for 10 days until they remove the interim tag.
  10. Wonder if a former Bulldog head coach with his roots there will have an interest in this job? He did a pretty good job at his current location this year.
  11. Anyone know if there will be a live stream of this game not going to be able to make the trip to Rusk tonight?
  12. Oh yeah I remember when this was the biggest rivalry game for both schools. Lots of great matchups and battles throughout the years. I was hoping for the rivalry to spark back up this year with us being in the same district. Definitely lost its fire with us not playing for what has it been a decade? Bulldog nation will understand this: honey grove WHO????
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