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  1. As long as the AD and head football are split it will always be a stepping stone job
  2. Matt Stepp tweeting Mexia HC Tristan Abron pending board approval
  3. Currently a head coach? If so is it a return home? Or just a move west?
  4. Ok serious question if Ronnie Green was going to go out on a limb for someone why didn't he go out on limb for his current DC seems like he did a great job at como just read he gave up 15.6 ppg this past year seems really impressive why wouldn't he put him for this job???
  5. School board meeting this Monday will they make their hire then?
  6. Was told they only had like 20 applicants, thought that was a lie but maybe that was true. I know he is really close with green I bet green got him this job. Wish him the best we played together for years but just doesn't make sense. He was the DC here 1 year in his second year of coaching for Green that was the year they let green go.
  7. Difference was that Connot had already been a head coach at Detroit. Huie hasn't coach varsity football in 3 years and only coached varsity football I think 2 years here at cooper . Will be interesting to see what happens now, there will be a ton of pressure to keep it going at rivercrest.
  8. Rumblings are this is true that huie got the job. There really must not have been anyone apply for this. Great news for my bulldogs I really hope he is green disciple and works that impressive 2 td a game offense that green brings to the table. I love huie and played with him for a time but this hire makes 0 sense.
  9. Surely this is just a joke to throw people of the actual trail of who rivercrest is actually hiring
  10. There's no way thats who they are hiring! He's a good dude but wasn't successful as a coach here, and been a jr high football coach in Oklahoma the last few years.
  11. The only other Coordinators I can think of are currently a Wildcat and an Eagle. So which one of them is it?
  12. Is this guy a current Vandal?
  13. This is the job Baca has been holding out for!!!!!!!
  14. This job has been very quite no one has any hints or inside information?
  15. You going give us some hints for fun????
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