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  1. Should be a fun time at the Rose! I don't see CH stopping Jenkins this week. Last time he had 280 yards in 3 quarters. Lindale by 2-3 scores.
  2. I think they actually have two seniors, one junior, and two sophomores starting on the offensive line. Seems that the sophomores have really grown up this year.
  3. Caddo with a special group. I think they will get the win here.
  4. Possible Chapel Hill / Lindale Rematch in round 3?
  5. Defensively, Vidor's DT #99 was really hurting the Lindale OL at times. It was tough sledding for Jenkins, but he runs hard and punishs people that tackle him. I would guess that he is not fun to tackle for 4 quarters. I think the better team got the win, but Vidor is one of the scrappiest teams I have seen in awhile. Those young men played their butts off last night. The Vidor coaching staff had an awesome plan and they did a great job of keeping it away from Lindale. I have to guess that if Vidor had been healthy all year, they would not have been the #4 seed in that district.
  6. Will be interested to see what you have to say in a few weeks. I could see Kilgore/Lindale in the regional finals. I could honestly see all four of this districts teams playing against each other in Round 3 if Chapel Hill/Palestine pull off the Round 1 upset. Henderson airing up basketballs early has you feeling pretty negative about the district.
  7. I could see this happening. All depends on CH. I think the other 3 will get it done.
  8. Impressive - Seems like there is a bright future for Palestine Football!
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