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  1. I didn't say he is the reason. I said he has HC experience and maybe he will have some fresh ideas from a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP football team.
  2. The guy just won a state title at Denton Ryan. Maybe he didn't have the most success at Hallsville, but lets be honest here. You guys underperformed last year by a long shot. Probably not a bad idea to find a guy with HC experience that comes from an outstanding program. Give Plunk some credit. Maybe he has some fresh ideas to bring from the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP team he was just a part of.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked to see the DC get it. He is a hometown guy and a really good person from what I understand. I know he is young, but he seems like a go getter. Maybe the admin would be willing to take a chance on the young guy if they truly believe in him.
  4. Hope you have some valid information to defame the character of a coach. Coaches spend more time with those kids than I would every want to (much more than your typical 40 hour work week) and I know many coaches that love their athletes like their are their own children. I am not staying bad coaches don't exist, however, I think we should be careful jumping to conclusions and accusing coaches of wrong doing based on rumors and hearsay.
  5. Should they go after someone from Melissa to model after considering all of the growth? Melissa has had success.
  6. I do wonder if there would be any interest there. He got the most out of those kids just north of i20.
  7. Absolutely incredible story. Praying for this young man and his future!
  8. Is he really going to compete for the "starting QB position" as a PWO? The kid is good, but I think they would have offered him a scholarship if they expected him to compete for the starting job.
  9. Not necessarily. They have beat some really good teams though. Kilgore twice, LBJ, Needville were all really good. Palestine was very athletic but that game got out of hand rather quickly. Lindale isn't flashy. They are a good, hard nosed football team. They pride themselves on playing with unbelievable effort for 4 quarters. They have made a believer out of me. They may or may not win, but they will give it all they have.
  10. Dude, that’s terrible! Thank goodness for FSSW!
  11. Pulling for the Pirates! Go make history!
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