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  1. Palestine/Kilgore is definitely one to keep an eye on. I do think the other two games will tell us a little about those teams. Can Lindale rebound from a 1-3 start? Will Chapel Hill continue to blow out anyone on their schedule? Are Mabank/Athens much improved? Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.
  2. I think CH is ranked a little high. Haven't proved that they deserve to be in the top 5 IMO. They will have their opportunities in District play though.
  3. I hear you. Connally has been pretty good in the past. I have heard they're down this year though. Thinking about it...I'm okay with saying that J'ville is the only "bad" team that Palestine has played.
  4. I don't know if we have learned much from the non-district schedules of these teams. CH is 4-0 and lighting people up. Non-District schedule is not exactly loaded though. Kilgore is 3-1 but their loss is to the only team that Lindale has beat. Their wins are against bad 5A teams and a 3A team. Mabank is 4-0 but their non-district opponents are a combined 2-13 and every team they've played is BAD BAD Athens is 4-0 and similar to Mabank. I think they are improved but they have played a terrible non-district schedule. Henderson is 3-1. Got smoked by Gilmer but they've bea
  5. Chapel Hill should win this one. Won't be shocked if it's close though. Athens is much improved from last year IMO.
  6. Lindale is 1-3 but their Non-District Opponents are a combined 14-1 (with the one loss being Lindale over Pine Tree) Mabank is 4-0 but their non district opponents are a combined 2-13 Lindale should win handily but when you're 1-3 you have no right to overlook any opponent IMO.
  7. I really think this is closer than people expect. Lindale is a handful of plays from being 3-0. Although, they did not make those plays and now they are 1-2. I think there has been major improvement each week and I expect to see them take another step forward this week. Regardless of the outcome, I feel confident that if the Eagles continue to make strides then they will have a decent shot at winning their district. Gilmer is loaded with athletes. Their defensive line is big and plays hard. They have the ability to score at any moment from any part of the field. Lindale will have to
  8. Gameday! Anyone know how the sub-varsity games went?
  9. Getting closer. Love this rivalry game...JV/9th Grade games are usually pretty entertaining too
  10. Should be a good one if Celina is healthy. Give me Argyle by 2 scores if both teams are 100%. If Celina is not 100%...Argyle will run away with it.
  11. I'm going with Hendo in this one but it might be a high scoring affair.
  12. I think this will be a close game Lindale can't seem to finish right now. They were up 12 with 4:30 to play against Kaufman and ended up losing. They were up 13 at the start of the 4th quarter (I think) against PT and barely squeaked out the win. I think Lindale has potential to be pretty good, but they better figure out how to finish teams or they will be in trouble. Van seems to be improved or Malakoff/Palestine are worse than last year. My money is on Van being better. They gave Lindale a tough game last year but it was similar to Lindale's first two this year. Lindale jumped on t
  13. Hope Lindale can rebound after last week! Taking Lindale by a score!
  14. Similar start to last year. It was against Splendora instead of Greenville last year. Let's revisit this later on and either give CH credit (if things are going well) or discuss the other side of the coin (if things are going poorly)
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