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  1. Yeah I’m picking them to win just because I like “upsets” and because I kinda like the blue Injuns. That school and community were both very classy and loving to us in a certain moment in time and that will always be with me personally. But will I be surprised if Beckville wins? Absolutely not. They’ve got athletes, and some good ones, but if I’m coaching I’m taking my chances with damage caused by any combination of athletes they have that does not include that specific RB lol.
  2. Yes multiple backs. His cousin is nice too lol. He’s a bonus that I didn’t see coming to compliment 21 and 20. They’ve all got their attributes in certain situations.
  3. I hear ya. But they should have multiple kids dominating with the schedule they’ve played thus far. One respectable opponent in Joaquin who had their number pretty much all game. I feel Joe holds that lead 9 outta 10 times in that same situation. But I’ll give them that comeback. They did that. However, they’re in probably the weakest district and won’t be tested again until the playoffs. Carlisle vs Beckville will be for 1st place. Not saying they’re push overs, but I believe there are a few teams in the Region capable of beating them. And Carlisle is one of those because they are gritty and
  4. Now the qb is a decent runner, but I don’t think he can take a game over like the speedy back I’m talking about. Don’t recall his name, but I know he’s a youngster.
  5. Yeah, well West Sabine is giving up an average of 45 a game so far. Carlisle will be stiffer than that in my opinion.
  6. No doubt! Took long enough dating back to last year to get him in the regular RB rotation. I used to get so frustrated waiting on this dynamic to be added to what we already had.
  7. If Carlisle can limit the Beckville RB I like their chances. Didn’t see too much else that absolutely wows me about them. No disrespect, but you have to stop that RB to be successful.
  8. I’ve seen him. Big boy. We’re definitely gonna have to test his side early and often to see where his wind is.
  9. Thanks man. Was great to get a win. Really glad to see the position changes we made. They all appeared to pay off. Cannot say enough about the line last night. Those guys deserve the most credit. Congrats on another big win as well.
  10. Longview to Alto is easily drivable in an hour. With the homecoming festivities and all you have plenty of time for the 730 kick off.
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