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  1. This was some of, if not the worst, officiating I have ever witnessed. Obviously, Jefferson was the better team and would have won, but there was a lot of holding, even to the point of tackling some times, that was not called. Several facemasks were overlooked that happened right in front of refs and two unsportsmanlike conduct flags waved off. Like I said, they would have won anyways, but why can't the refs just call a game down the middle without showing favoritism?
  2. I stand by the fact that Center was mauled the whole game and the refs permitted it. How can you explain a Carthage player leapfrogging a Center player and landing on his head with no foul called? And that is only one instance of fouls not being called. I admit, Center did not play well, but if the game had been called half way right, Center would have won by double digits.
  3. Let me explain what I said. I was NOT talking about football. I meant Carthage was playing basketball like it was a football game. They committed so many fouls that were not called. With only half of the 4th period left to go in the game, Carthage only had 5 fouls, 3 in the first half and 2 in the second half. Had the refs half way called the game right, half of the Carthage players would have fouled out. And still, they could only manage a 1 pt. win as badly as Center played. Last night showed a more exact representation of how much better Center is than Carthage in basketball.
  4. Carthage certainly had some home cooking in the first meeting against Center. They were still in football mode and only had 8 fouls the whole game. We played our worst game of the season and Carthage only managed to beat Center by 1.
  5. Bullard loses and Palestine loses. That puts us in the playoffs, right Crawford?
  6. Wow! I guess Center just has Kilgore's number, or has the last two years.
  7. Riders hold and take over on downs then take a knee. Center wins
  8. Center 49 Kilgore 35 with 2 minutes left
  9. Center Roughriders 42 Kilgore Bulldogs 35 with 9 minutes to go in game.
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