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  1. Can you get tickets at the gate for this one on friday.
  2. Did the same thing I have done the last 4 years last night. Watched the Sands of Iwo Jima with John Wayne because it was the Marine Corps birthday, then I watched the 1st 4 episodes of Band of Brothers. Will watch the rest of Bands of Brothers tonight.
  3. How do I verify I am not a robot.
  4. Palestine's Freshmen team did not lose a game all year. Palestine should be alright the next couple of years.
  5. Well if Scorestream is right I did not see this coming . Elkhart 16 Huntington 14.
  6. You just had to take the bait and get him started. My vote for comedian of the year.
  7. My prediction is Westwood beats Trinity this week. That will set up a show down with Huntington vs Westwood for 4th place unless Trinity upsets Crockett. If Westwood could put together two good back to back games they could go to the playoffs. I just would not bet on it. I think Coldsprings gets in with just 3 losses. If I was forced to put money on it. 1st Diboll 2nd Crockett 3rd Coldsprings 4th Huntington
  8. I think Huntington is the best bet to get 4th. All they have to do is beat Elkhart and Westwood. They should have no problem with Elkhart. As far as Westwood goes they are streaky. Hard for them to put 2 good games together back to back so they will lose one to either Trinity or Huntington. If Trinity beats Westwood this week then they become the favorite to get the 4th spot because they hold the head to head over Huntington. I don't think they can beat Crockett though, but that will still leave them in 4th. The key game this week like someone else said is Westwood vs Trinity. Lot o
  9. Please don't get him started.
  10. Will this game be streamed by someone.
  11. Will have to admit, this made me laugh.
  12. In the East Texas Pickem I went back and forth on this game. I picked Dangerfield because they are at home but I am not real comfortable with it after how PP played their last game against DeKalb.
  13. You try to be obtuse on purpose, and when somebody calls you out it you call him a bully. I would think you would laugh if off.
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