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  1. Oh-Gata sounds alot like wrinleinspector to me. It is just a scrimmage and not a game .
  2. It was just a scrimmage ,just wait until Westwood plays a game. I will bet you that Bullard beats them.
  3. I agree with most but why Westwood they never win. 1.Gilmer 2. LE 3.Palestine 4. Carthage 5. Jasper 6. Atlanta 7.Brownsboro 8.Van 9.Crockett 10.Spring Hill
  4. Rusk has been winning , for them to keep on winning would not be a surprise.
  5. They lose almost yearly but Westwood in Palestine could surprise some people this year. I don't know if they have any linemen but they have alot of good skill people.
  6. After Tatums long run in football I will give the edge to Arp the first go around. Plus 2a or not Arp is the deffending State Champions.
  7. I wish people would quit bringing up Moye evertime a transfer comes up. He at first moved into Lufkins ISD and wanted to go to Diboll where his Aunt is a coach. Rules say you have to live in District. So far everybody that has transferred to Gilmer has moved into that district so stop comparing these two different situations.
  8. 19 AAA Palestine Fairfield Groesbeck Madisonville Westwood Mexia
  9. If they are going to alow 4 teams from 5a to go to the playoffs then there could be alot of 8 team districts in 5a. So with them needing more teams in 5A to make as many 8 team districts as they can , the numbers may stay close to the same if not go down a little.
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