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  1. No, but head to head, Finney 1- Briles 1, and Briles had a few ineligible players the first year? just sayin.
  2. MP JV improve to 5-1 (2-1 district) with 27-7 win over Nac (JV did not have a game on the bye week) MP Frosh improve to 6-1 (2-1 district) with 28-8 win over Nac
  3. MP JV improve to 5-1 (2-1 district)with their win over Nac 27-7 (Did not have a game on bye week) MP Frosh improve to 6-1 (2-1 district)with their win over Nac 28-8
  4. Well then, you are a TRUE MP fan. Being at 1 game in the blustery cold of Northern Michigan and listening to MP at the same time....!!!! You definitely are the man, budmanmpfan, I would have defintely been trying to stay warm if I were in your shoes.
  5. Were you at the game? Defense is stiffening finally? The defense gave up 7 points in the first half! The other td was a fumble in the endzone after a defensive stop. 21 of WH points were off turnovers...Defense played a tremendous game!
  6. There was history back in the 80's, but that is not shown anywhere. We played them back then.
  7. I read it, disregarded it, and vented. I read it again, and having read your posts in the past, know you were not being critical. Sorry for being a jerk. You didnt deserve that.
  8. Ok...but if you want to talk logistics, THigh had a pick 6 after an MP Defensive stop, A fumble recovery after an MP defensive stop, Another INT after an MP defensive stop, so MP pit THigh in great field position nimerous times throughout the game. MP didnt finish 2 drives inside THighs 20. I was there, MP played very hard, but THigh made them pay for their mistakes, good teams do that. There is a reason THigh is ranked #8. Congrats to them, but stop criticizing a team for playing hard and getting beat by a team everyone else has lost to this year as well. Didnt even see the game....
  9. If PT beat Princeton and Crandall, and tied a game, how are they 1-1-1?
  10. No blame intended, I just wanted you to have the correct information. I appreciate the fact you keep us informed about MP, not too many care enough. So thanks!
  11. The Tigers forced 5 turnovers: 3 INTS: K. Pinckard, K. Evans, D. Smith 1 Fumble Recovery: T. Emory 1 Blocked Punt: D. Minter
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