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  1. So....I’m assuming the whole family moved? There was a younger brother or cousin as well??
  2. Bullard 57 Paris North Lamar 43 Gilmer 49 Paris 37 Pleasant Grove 62 Kilgore 35 Chapel Hill N/A Liberty/Eylau N/A
  3. Ok, but it sounds like that is something they aren’t interested in
  4. I agree. When these two teams play, it's extra special. With both teams returning a solid core from last year, I think this will be a very competitive game. Gilmer's offense will be fine, curious as to what the defense will be like since their DC retired. Anyone heard any candidates for that job?
  5. Honestly, in this situation, that is what I would do. He already has a couple of offers, including one from Jeff Traylor at UTSA. There will be more. He could play this year on the JV squad, correct?
  6. I don't know if that is an option, but we would love to have him back at SH. It's not the kids....it's the parent(s)*. * Dad
  7. All I know is he did play Varsity basketball as a Freshman @ Spring Hill High School during 2018-19.
  8. "If" I remember correctly, the current Senior moved into SH from I thought Mount Vernon, played some JV basketball, but then went back to Mount Vernon, and then moved back to Spring Hill while sitting out some time until he was eligible to play Varsity basketball as a Junior. He was fine to play all Varsity sports (football, but didn't really want to play basketball) as a current Senior before moving to Gilmer. The current Sophomore, which is really what all this is about, moved to SH before Freshman year, playing Varsity basketball, and then Varsity football this year before moving to Gilmer over the Christmas break. I "believe" this is pretty accurate.
  9. District 16 4A still has some things to settle. February 14th (Friday) 6:00 pm @ Winona Co-Champions Gilmer and Bullard play to determine 1 & 2 seed February 14th (Friday) 7:30 pm @ Winona Henderson and Kilgore play to determine who plays Spring Hill (bye) on Saturday for 4th seed and playoff berth. Chapel Hill is the 3rd seed.
  10. Hate the Wing-T. Hard to stop if ran correctly like PG. Liberty Hill also runs the Wing-T, but I believe they run the old style.
  11. That it did, but a district of Carthage, PG and Gilmer would have been something!
  12. I'm thinking if Paris North Lamar hadn't dropped to Div 2, Carthage would have ended up in District 8 instead
  13. I "think" there is only one former Gilmer coach on staff at SH, and that is C Bunn (Traylor's nephew)
  14. Hoping he brings more fire and discipline!
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