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  1. Buckeyes seem to have no motivation. That 2nd Qtr was not good. Gilmer HC seems clueless. Pulls one of his best defensive players for talking smack. Ref complained and went out and benched him. It’s part of the game. Play calling is not great and defense seems lost and uninterested.
  2. that may very well be the final score for Gilmer, but the subs won’t give up 35 for sure
  3. Gilmer won’t be punting or kicking FG’s, lol
  4. Buckeyes won’t run up the score and will probably have 2nd and 3rd strings in in 3rd qtr.
  5. Not much interest in this one I guess. SH still has some athletes, but I’m thinking Gilmer’s DL will wreak havoc this week. Not much else to add I suppose?
  6. First district game. Buckeyes evade Panther Stadium. Thoughts?
  7. I wasn’t at the game, but I watched the “live” broadcast on Saturday. First of all, Gilmer’s defense played very well, so kudos to them. The Buckeye OL was pretty much totally dominated by the Dawg DL. They and the LBs were all over Tennison. He just didn’t have time to do anything, and when he did, the DBs were right there. He didn’t look comfortable all night.
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