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  1. Any names in the Robinson HC search ?
  2. Correct. Ya I was referring to someone saying they were FCS and Sunbelt. Both false. Also the Sunbelt is not FCS. They are in the sunbelt for b-ball though.
  3. UTA does not play football...lots of wrong info on this thread
  4. Danbury #### though. And program ####. He also is unorganized.
  5. Vv tide EB all good Ganado wasn’t and blasted them
  6. I have played against Danbury teams coaches by Mason. They aren’t good. They run 2 different offenses (slot t and spread). Neither are good. They got blasted by some awful 3A teams this year. I’m not sure why people would be high on him. His teams have no discipline, and they had some athletes this year at Danbury. Not to mention the entire athletic program is bad. Just my opinion from down here on the gulf coast.
  7. Again. Why do y’all assume he is taking the CH job?
  8. Why do y’all think he is coming to Chapel Hill?
  9. Nice! Dont know much about them. Im not in the East Texas area, but I had heard of them from my days in Honey Grove.
  10. What is the scoop on this place?
  11. Sorry! Yes it was played week 1 to a win vs Louise. I will try and get some more pics on here.
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