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  1. Sounded like he was cold and was very close to being home. What real crime did he commit that they had to arrest him for? They could have watched him for a few minutes more, if he we as close to home as he said he was. Maybe that wasn't the first time he had been harassed. Maybe he was fearful of really interacting as a young, black man with the police.
  2. Texas is a very, very, very big place with lots of empty space, last time I looked.
  3. Not truth, but political hysteria by GOP, led by well known liar and inflammatory bigot Tucker Carlson. https://www.mediamatters.org/tucker-carlson/tucker-carlson-lies-about-ice-and-joe-bidens-immigration-plan
  4. If so, he seems to be following the Danny Goeb pathway. Stir up attention through media outlets, turn it into support, whatever that is.
  5. Dammit, that makes good sense, Carthandra! Not supposed to agree with you as a rule.
  6. Any HS teacher worth a dang knows how to deescalate or calmly question someone out of pocket, as do SROs on campuses. Why don't police on the beat always?
  7. Splintered like an old wood bench...of course, the scorning, the censures, the personal attacks will continue on those who aren't toeing the line on Patriot, uh, Trumplican, uh, GOP doctrine, until they wise up and leave that tinier and tinier club of Qballs!
  8. So sad for you, sometimes, Lion, and how threatened you are by differences, and how you really don't understand the rights of others to disagree with you, like you are at a junior high lunch table. I get over the sadness quickly, though, and move onto straight apathy.
  9. I am going to surmise that in our state where corporations rule and oil and gas gave 26 MILLION to Abbott in contributions over the last decade, that there will be little to no intervention coming. The very idea of it! Humph!
  10. Long history of nothing meaningful in favor of dogma... https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/texas-republicans-priorities-energy-grid-203627284.html
  11. We were just speculating on that at my house.
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