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  1. First, it's hilarious that you would try to attack Jett on asking others for support or info, since some of you can't take a dump without prior approval from other Trumpites, and you get real brave on here piling on any one person who might disagree with your twisted views. Secondly, MAGA is dogwhistling 'conservatives' that America was only great when all those women, blacks, Mexicans, gays and Muslims knew their place wasn't as equal partners in the American dream. It's for scared old white guys in the suburbs who needs a pat and a blankie. America's unique greatness has always been i
  2. NO ONE CARES BUT TRUMPLICANS. It's absolutely not at all the same. And you didn't care about Trump's blatantly obvious guilt then, so why would you care now? The GOP has lost any moral authority it ever had on corruption under Trump.
  3. Was commenting on your basic nonsense getting all that love and seeming approval. Do you boys all get together for canasta and some cocktails, too?
  4. Didn't you try while he was running for office the first time around?
  5. When James Woods is your 'go-to' on anything besides how to play a sleazy card shark in the movies, you have gone to a bad place, in my humble opinion.
  6. Darn it...and I had gotten my popcorn and was all set for a lengthy, intellectual analysis.
  7. Yes, I generally do, as I go to a place out in the country, really, and pick when no one else is there, at a precinct at one of the road crew stations. Not voting in person should be open to all those with medical issues or medical concerns to do with Covid, in my opinion. It's not 'voter fraud' that is the underlying attack on it, but 'voter suppression' is the goal, absolutely no doubt in my mind. The callous lack of concern for exposure has been ongoing, and it's simple math.
  8. Hope all participate fully in this wonderful democratic experiment we have going on! https://www.mlb.com/twins/fans/twins-territory-votes
  9. The Constitution actually left it open for Congress to develop, and in the 20th century they did so. What is Rush and the GOP afraid of? That someone would be thoroughly vetted as to their qualifications and their legal stances and found to be lacking? Everyone knows that they are trying to push through this Barrett, so that they can make a move on Roe V. Wade and a half dozen other 'social issues' can be dealt with, including repealing the ACA.
  10. First, wasn't trying to be funny, but was pointing out idiocy. I knew I would get a hysterical reaction, and that part was funny. Secondly, how do you misspell YOUR in that sentence??? Spellcheck or can't spell?
  11. Awesome...there was a time before when most of these boards were made up of educators, and if not, then due respect was given for the profession, but now most Trumpite jackasses have things to say like this. Really good stuff.
  12. Hey, idjit, I was pointing out what a Yuuuuuuge hypocrite simpering Lindsey was when I posted that. Dolt.
  13. Interesting in its cowardice and failure to even pretend to follow due process and show appropriate respect for the Supreme Court.
  14. You want the USA to be seen as a snake that might bite ya?!??? Really? Not as an eagle, not as a sleeping lion, either, but as a snake?????
  15. That happened last November, and the sub was facing assault charges, as she should be doing time for that, and the school district is responsible for medical bills, I would think for sure. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/kyle-substitute-teacher-fired-after-video-shows-her-fighting-with-student/269-9d0cec6e-8ed6-4c4d-bf9c-826646c837b9 As I recall, this was already posted...Mellon, did you have a reason for posting this again? Or did you not see it before?
  16. Kirt was so proud of that half baked response that he gave me three helpings, with extra gravy!!!
  17. I am all for supporting Liberals, because they are people. Is that what you are asking? Did I leave out someone? And, I don't 'hate' 'Conservatives', just Trump and Moscow Mitch. Not fond of Ted Cruz, really, either. Some of my best friends are 'conservatives'.
  18. Well, sure, as a rule, I do, as they are also human beings. I was just differentiating what it mean to be a citizen and not a citizen.
  19. Every American citizen is entitled to a life free from discrimination and access to all things other citizens are able to have, including housing and insurance and inheritances and medical power of attorney for their partners. Now, EVERYONE is entitled to fair and appropriate treatment under the law, including those who aren't citizens, and while they don't qualify for all the benefits of citizenship. they should be allowed to be educated and to be treated as people.
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