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  1. Wonder if Trump still just grabs 'em by the ######, or does his morbid obesity slow him down so they get away?
  2. I don't carefully watch every moment of every news show or opinion show, go to the transcript, study the nuance of every facial expression, take notes, then come on here to share my insight. Do you?
  3. Kirt, I know how it must have hurt to be the last one picked in kickball, then been the Needlemeyer of your crew in whatever branch of the service you claim you served in, then become the coffee breath know it all who all avoid at the Alsup's and DQ, but don't let it make you bitter AND misinformed on every single thing in the world. Pick just one of those and move forward.
  4. Rare form the last couple of days. Thinking June 8th will get you back into the swing of things and help with that head of 'steam'.
  5. Call it whatever you want, Jethrine, but my only knowledge of TV news comes from online summaries. I don't have Fox on my DirectTV, and I couldn't tell you if MSNBC are there. I'll pass on daily breathless hysteria, and I have plenty to look at without having to look at robot Barbies.
  6. Well, since he DIDN'T do the 'same thing' but provided a documented, lawful response to all IG firings, your 'whataboutism' is wrong, as usual.
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/05/27/top-senate-republican-blasts-trump-justification-for-ousting-state-department-intelligence-watchdogs/5264939002/ Grassley has been a steady water carrier for Trump, but getting stonewalled has got him riled.
  8. Don't watch any TV news, actually, but thanks for your interest.
  9. Kinda ballsy for the Trump campaign to tee that one up, what with the 16K and counting lies that he has thrown out there. Very clever.
  10. Just desperate sounding. Go get some breakfast, take a doodle. You'll feel better.
  11. What complete and utter nonsense. You now an Obama fan? List that out for me. You sound a little shook up. Did I hit a nerve?
  12. Democrats have always believed in the greatness of America and worked toward maintaining and expanding opportunity for all to participate in it, not some catchphrase meant to dogwhistle people like MAGA does, as Trumpites clamber for a promise for 'those people' to be put back into their place, hence the GREAT AGAIN mantra. Trumpites want a return to the '50s...the 1850s!!!
  13. Republicans don't want a higher percentage of people to vote in national elections, and the US lags behind most in the world in participation. We are in the midst of a pandemic with a predicted resurgence to occur in October, November, and December. Mail in voting goes against the first sentence and is responsive to dealing with the second. What are Republicans afraid of, and why do they hate America?!???!?
  14. Are you a liar because you are accepting and forgiving and rationalize Trump's lies? I don't know your heart.
  15. So, it turns out that I have powers, and I intend to use them for good. BREAKING NEWS Twitter Labeled Trump's Tweets Tuesday, May 26, 2020 6:36 PM EST Mr. Trump has tweeted several times about mail-in ballots in recent days, accusing California, Michigan and other states of enabling voter fraud by distributing mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. Voting by mail would be “substantially fraudulent,” Mr. Trump tweeted on Tuesday. A Twitter spokesman said the tweets “contain potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been labeled to provide additional context.”
  16. We are looking at having extra weeks off in the months of October, November, December, January and March, keeping the same days, same periods, with possible 'intercessions' for strugglers, and activities being adjusted only, if necessary. So, while most would be off for two weeks in October, as an example, band and football and whatever else going on, would still be going on. How that is going to balance for teachers/coaches as to minutes and pay is beyond me. We actually had 15 extra days built in this year to get our minutes, which was eye opening.
  17. I think it's something that should be questioned, both sides, if there are political factors at work. That should not be the primary driver of decision making. And, by the way, did you see where many school districts are targeting August 3rd week as a start date, with built in extra time throughout the year, if needed?
  18. I think you may be using hyperbole there a bit, as MOST people had a favorable view of him, and most, again, a majority, would have loved for him to still be in the White House. He ended with a 59% approval rating.
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