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  1. Depending on what the new coach bring Pewitt could still be a top dog in our district or be back in 4th. just hope the players adjust well and play with all their hearts.
  2. Few years ago Hughes Springs met Hamshire-Fannett halfway in Center and Lufkin to play. This next season Pewitt makes the trip out to Celina with a new coach
  3. Have any names been said as possible candidates just when they prepared for this to happen?cause we all knew he wouldnt stay at Pewitt long term.
  4. Think they were saying Newton and ND were in Center but havent seen a time or day yet.
  5. do you happen to know what Daingerfield turned in for realignment? asking for a friend
  6. Has DCTF or Stepp recieved what Pewitt turned in yet?
  7. Have Realignment numbers been announced for District 11 yet or is it just school by school releases them at diff times
  8. Pewitts is out: 8/13 clarksville scrim home 10 am 8/18 redwater scrim away 7 pm Nondistrict: 8/26 sabine away 9/2 jefferson home 9/9 hughes springs away 9/16 im guessing its just new boston schedule says new boston-campers kinda made me laugh but thats home District: 9/23 ore city home its homecoming 9/30 the new team in district daingerfield that is away 10/7 is open i point this out cause some crazy person put a game time for a open date instead of the ore city game 10/14 dekalb the pinkout game its home 10/21 hooks away again hopefully not in pouring rain this year 10/28 quee
  9. Pewitts schedule is out : 8/13 clarksville 10 am scrim at pewitt 8/18 redwater 7 pm scrim away Nondistrict: 8/26 sabine away 9/2 jefferson home 9/9 hughes springs away 9/16 the schedule says new boston-campers( kinda thinking misspelling there or extra word but ya) game at pewitt District : 9/23 ore city( homecoming) 9/30 daingerfield away 9/7 is the open but they have a 7:30 time there and forgot to put it beside ore city 9/14 dekalb home pinkout night 9/21 hooks away again hopefully no rain this year 9/28 queen city home sr night 10/4 new diana away and thats it sorry if the
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