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  1. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/all-things-trump/trump-derangement-syndrome-it-real
  2. I was not condoning what the Officer did to Floyd, merely pointing out she exposed the truth about him. No one else has. While watching CBS earlier in the week, they showed him with his daughter on his shoulders, and portraying him as “father of the year” material. Evidence shows that’s not the case. Yes, an appalling video, but I just watched one of three black men, with 2x4’s, attacking an old white couple imploring them not to destroy their business. One actually sucker punches the old lady. Guess what? I won’t hold my breath waiting for CBS to show that.
  3. Actually, Keith Ellison said it. And who is Keith Ellison? The Attorney General of Minnesota. And this man has a law degree?
  4. So because she exposes Floyd’s past, and is truthful, you don’t want her as VP? Not even FOX, that I know of, has reported that Floyd had 5 trips to prison. You can put her on my list for VP. Possibly even President.
  5. Hagar

    Corona Over?

    This humorous meme is almost correct.
  6. Not sure how well the charges against two officers will hold up. Two were rookies and one was on his forth day. I suspect he was afraid of saying to much to a Superior Officer with years of experience. On the other hand, these 4 would get a fairer trial in North Korea than they’ll get in Minnesota. https://www.fox9.com/news/2-officers-involved-in-george-floyd-death-were-rookies-attorney-says-1-was-on-his-4th-day
  7. Though I belted you and flayed you By the living Gawd that made you You’re a better chicken than I am, Gunga Din. Rudyard Kipling, but close enough. Great movie btw.
  8. Joyce Kilmer’s poem, “Trees” I think that I shall never see A chicken actually running free This poem made by a fool in the kitchen But only God can make a chicken
  9. Ronald Reagan: The nine words a chicken doesn’t want to hear, You are on your way to see Colonel Sanders.
  10. Joe Biden: If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t got enough feathers to be a chicken.
  11. Hagar

    Corona Over?

    Flu season starts in the fall and ends in the late spring, so when they say 2017-18, that’s one flu season, not two years. You might want to use something besides Yahoo for a news source. Speaking of flu season, I’ve a friend who teaches Junior High in a 4A school district. She didn’t know anyone that had the flu this season. Not one friend, relative, teacher, or student. Any of you know very many people that had the flu?
  12. I think he will win, but Nov seems a long way off. Been a heckuva year.
  13. So the Media is all in an uproar because the Park Police cleared the way. That’s what happens. They protect him. You guys might want to remember, 50 Secret Service agents were injured by “peaceful protesters”.
  14. I’m so sick of this. The last 3.5 years: Russian Collusion - Fake Dossier - Unwarranted FISA Warrants (Deep State). Impeachment - Covid Virus (which Dr. Fauci predicted. How did he know?) Protest - Riots Next ???????????????? The Democrats have not, and will not, accept Donald Trump’s election. We can only hope he wins again.
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