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  1. Bottom line for the market, this thing should be pretty much over by July. Market rockets up just prior to election. Trump beats Sanders in a landslide.
  2. House Judiciary Committee - a cross between the Politburo and the Keystone cops. An inexhaustible supply of comic material for comedians everywhere. Or, to suspect what Jeff Foxworthy might say, “If you think the House Judiciary Committee is a serious, unbiased, non-politically motivated group, you might be a Redneck.
  3. When the Media didn’t start in with a pic of a white, hillbilly, redneck, Republican shooter, I knew it was a Democrat or Muslim. If that’s profiling via my knowledge of the Media, so be it, but I was right. on the MSM
  4. Great song, All My Money, by the most amazing Beatle imitators (to the tune of All My Loving). At least you older folks will appreciate this. https://ktrh.iheart.com/featured/michael-berry/content/2020-01-29-you-need-to-see-this-democrat-primary-beatles-parody-video/?fbclid=IwAR004EWioM0oLzPcyAMF2f15jxG30-ZrWCBfxPdGVu1FiR1rmf8X0yBmK3w
  5. An,d these are people who criticize Trump. “Day Care with no diapers” - best analogy ever.
  6. The Times deserve it. They blather their biased bs relentlessly. They need to be held accountable.
  7. Praises China for fighting poverty. Surprised he hasn't praised Venezuela for creating poverty. What a lick.
  8. Hagar


    Actually, I heard some interesting info on Bernie today. Gang rape fantasies. Who would’ve thunk it. Btw, I thot Bernie won again tonight. Bloomberg did a lot better, but that’s like saying a football team that lost 99-0 did better the next week. Only way to go was up. Biden also did better.
  9. Hagar


    Durn, you covered the whole Democratic Demographics.
  10. Lol, nice deflection calling the truth, “venom” and “contempt”. I’m much older and wiser than you Barry, and there’s much I would love to teach you, but we all have limitations. For instance, WH1 could blather advanced math at me all day, and I doubt I’d learn one iota. So with you, being liberal, the many common sense things I could teach you about politics, would zing right in one eye and out the other. So, like I can never make sense of advanced math, you can never make sense of politics.
  11. Hate women? Just because Obama put an incompetent, whining, Constitution hating woman on the SCOTUS, and Republicans aren’t happy doesn’t mean we hate women. What’s sad is that you’re willing to support her stupid #### just because she is a woman. I can guarantee you Nikki Haley would make a better President than any current Democratic Candidate. I could turn that back at ya, why do Dems hate minorities so much? All current Dem candidates are white. In Feb 2016, here’s a pic of the Repub candidates, which includes two Hispanics and one Black.
  12. The SCOTUS rules on the Law, based on the Constitution. Presidents don’t need decorum, they need to lead. Do you think Grant had decorum? Teddy Roosevelt said, “speak softly and carry a big stick”. LBJ cussed so much it would embarrass a retired sailor. Kennedy and Clinton boinked anything in a skirt. It doesn’t take behavior in good taste to lead, but we should expect it from the SCOTUS. Btw, nice diversion. You realized how wrong Sotomayor was, so you threw out Trump. Not working Barry, you need to go back to your Democratic Handbook for a comeback, or listen to CNN.
  13. You missed the point, as usual. What gives any SCOTUS member the right to denigrate the other members? Totally unprofessional, and beneath contempt. Oh wait, she’s a liberal. It’s okay for her to whine and complain about the others not agreeing with her. The other justices should get her some freaking Play-Doh. Her actions confirm she’s not qualified to be on the Court. It’s the highest Court in the land. Members should act with a modicum of decorum.
  14. She’s right - everyone else is wrong. Get her out of there. Goofy Left Wing Loon. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sotomayor-issues-blistering-dissent-says-republican-appointed-justices-have-bias-toward-trump-administration
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