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  1. Again, one of our anonymous liberal friends has put a on a post. Another post that has no defense. A without a post articulating the faults of the post is a sure sign you’ve painted the Leftist philosophy into a corner that they can’t excape from. So thank you my liberal friend. You’ve made my day.
  2. That is a profound statement. Everyone should read it again. Barry’s Post is proof of that. Barry is probably a well educated man, but yet him and his ilk accept everything spewed out by the Leftist media, or bought and paid for scientist. What is it about liberals that makes them such sheep? It’s a head scratcher for sure. If anyone knows, let me know.
  3. Great post. Talk to a friend Tuesday. His oldest daughter goes to Ohio State. They had Ben Shapiro there to speak. When he finished, the audience, including his daughter, were ushered out the back door by admin, for their safety. Out front was your usual mob of Left Wing Indoctrinated Loons. So much for free speech.
  4. Never on a Sunday? Hmmmmm. Yep, some of that reversed-engineered alien technology.
  5. Did you notice the lack of support for the NYT by our liberal posters? Deep down even they know the MSM is little more than a propaganda machine for the Left.
  6. That boy might not get out of kindergarten, but he’s got a future in lawn care.
  7. Best guess, Global Warming. Or, could be, the inhabitants of the black hole are white nationalist and racist. Read that in the NYT, or Motherjones, or HuffingtonPost, or LeftistLoons.com.
  8. You and Doomer are banned from Evadale. Bad enough we have the paper mill.
  9. True? Maybe. Funny? Definitely.
  10. They actually got the story from a book, written by two NYT reporters. And the book actually says the “victim” Ms. Ramirez, a democratic activist, had no memory of this occurrence, or did any of her friends or alleged witnesses. If this doesn’t convince folks that the NYT is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, nothing will.
  11. The Kavanaugh story is really irresponsible and dispicable. To run a story like that, without any corroboration, about a sitting member of the Supreme Court, is outrageous. I hope he sues.
  12. I agree. I thought Bernie was going to do one of those infamous head explosions from Scanners.
  13. I’m on Medicare and I couldn’t even keep my Dr. He doesn’t do Medicare patients. I’d bet he’ll quit if they go to Medicare for All. Which makes me wonder, how many Dr’s will get out of the medical profession if that ever comes to reality.
  14. I was going boinkers watching it. Then it all became clear. It makes perfect sense. Those 10 candidates are vying to become the President of.........Venezuela. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Holy Moly, I feel better now.
  15. I’ll give Biden this, he’s answering the question. Warren & Sanders never answer the questions. They rattle around talking about FREE stuff. And the rich will pay. So what happens when the rich leave? Who pays then?
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