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  1. Just heard Stacey Abrams wants a recount for VP, and is going ahead with her acceptance speech. Can’t confirm.
  2. Tip of the Day. Wow, found some toilet paper for sale. Never tried this brand before, Angel Soft. Evidently a wholly owned subsidiary of Acme Sandpaper Company.
  3. I would blame the downward trend in admitted Christians, to the same institutions that shape young minds to hate capitalism. Our colleges & Universities, and even some public high schools, have placed indoctrination above education. Does Trump use Christians, or is he our only hope? I certainly can’t vote for a current Dem candidate. They booed God at their 2012 Convention. Call it their “coming out of the closet” moment. They now hail Satan. There is a battle going on now for mankind’s soul. Good vs evil. Trump - not the person I’d have picked in this kind of fight. Great President, but morally questionable. Still, he’s all we’ve got. Just my .02 cents worth.
  4. My guess, Harris has the least amount of baggage.
  5. I nominate Kirt Falcon for our next Attorney General. Anyone who disagrees, speak now, or forever hold your peace.
  6. In the past, my post saying “blacks are as close to a monolith politically, as you could get”, we’re ridiculed. Biden pretty well confirmed it.
  7. Pretty sure Larry never watched it. He spent his 15 seconds of fame badmouthing FOX. Had he watched it, he’d heard the PBS Reporter say the Repubs were trying to negotiate, and had added money for States & Counties. Btw Larry, that’s when Nancy blew her tube. Not something she wanted Americans to know about. Hehehe, if old Larry buys that Dem BS, I’ve got a couple of acres of desert sand down here in Snuff Gully Swamp I can sell him.
  8. I was just coming over to post this (great minds think alike). Notice how she instantly changes from Ms. Speaker to Ms. Snake. Dems aren’t used to hardball questions. Normally PBS would lob a whiffle ball. Typical liberal. Talk all that , and when someone ask them a question with facts, they don’t answer, just attack.
  9. Thanks for the eye roll Larry. I thought you’d given up on me.
  10. Can you see JFK saying, “Ask not what you’re country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Now Dems want Free, Gimme, What ya done for me today?
  11. Heavens yes. But the Libs on here, and everywhere else, will ignore these racist remarks. Fascinating that.
  12. Larry is an expert on to, too, two. It’s a Liberal Arts thing. How sad he knows so little about what it takes to be a good President. But there are millions of Democrats equally handicapped. For those folks, we need an amendment to The Constitution - Prior to election, any candidate must remember what he’s (or she) had for breakfast for the last 3 days. Btw, heard an ex Secret Service agent was told, and tweeted that Biden’s condition is spiraling downhill fast. Will there be debates? I can’t believe there will be. No way Biden’s people would let himexpose his condition.
  13. Whichever name you want to use, One World Gov or New World Order, they’re both backed by the DNC, and many Republicans. And Trump is urinating in their flower garden.
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