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  1. Ironically, I hope they don’t impeach you. You’d definitely be an improvement over Biden/Harris.
  2. You know why? Of course you do, but the average Leftist doesn’t. The Dems politicians, and their Puppet Masters, are scared to death. He’s against virtually everything in their agenda, like they want to destroy the US as we know it. They want as many as possible dependent on the Govt. They eventually want a NWO, and Climate Change (Paris Accords) is one of their biggest tools (shams/cons). Trump threw a monkey wrench into that. Made him public enemy #1 to the Dems. And then there’s open borders. If that isn’t a NWO ploy, nothing is. The irony of all that, makes me a bigger Tru
  3. Here’s the thing, the carbon footprint resulting in transporting the oil by means other than pipeline will be monumental. Not that I think it’s catastrophic, but you’d think the environmentalists would realize it. This is, of course, if they really give a .
  4. Again, like the post to ctown, it just pops up when I put the question in. Btw, it was 1.4%. Question is, can I start getting paid for educating you guys?
  5. It just popped up at the top of the page after I entered the question. That picture - Bales said - to be honest, I haven’t a clue who Bales is. Also, between BS info on the Internet, and folks writing revisionist history, it’s hard to pinpoint a fact.
  6. There’s certainly a concerted effort to divide us (everyone, blacks/whites, liberals/conservatives, rich/poor). Liberals blame Trump. I blame the MSM, & whoever pulls their strings and the strings of our professional politicians. Thing is, I wish I knew for sure who pulls those strings..
  7. Just came up at top. See pic below. After you ask, saw one source that said $400. Another $1500, so $1000 might be close. Have trouble downloading picture. Have ask site folks. They can’t figure out why either.
  8. Your initial post on this thread. You grouped all conservatives together, twice. I just hope you don’t teach that prejudice to your students. Conservatives are like all other groups - different thoughts, likes & dislikes, and opinions. One thing most have in common is, less government is better government, although there have been an occasional need for Govt to step in. Problem is, they never “step out”.
  9. Guess that depends on which source one chooses to believe. The % I posted was in all the US, not just the south. To look at the numbers you posted, the south must have been the wealthiest place in the world. The average price of a slave in the 1850’s was $1000, plus the feeding, housing (such as it was). Personally, I find it hard to believe that 32% could afford that kind of investment back then, which would have also required a home and land enough to warrant a slave. But if you’re willing to believe anything on the Internet, go for it.
  10. Initially, I put a like on this post. Then I remembered you dissed 74 Million people, and you’re an educator. The fact that our universities have so many like you teaching, that condemn everyone that doesn’t think like you, is despicable. But that’s just my opinion.
  11. Are you aware that only 1.4% of white people in the US owned slaves? And since most of them were affluent, and very few of us have any affluent people in our family history, those white friends of yours are either very unique, or been indoctrinated to have guilt complexes. I would feel bad if I knew my family had owned slaves, but not guilty. I had a grandpa who did bad things, but I don’t feel guilty about them. Why? I didn’t do them, he did.
  12. Impressing? No Dave, depressing. Has nothing to do with science and everything to do with payback to the Chinese from the Biden cartel for all the millions. China gets the award for “Best Use of Millions of Dollars”. Traitors used to be shot, Now they’re elected President.
  13. My mindset is already messed up? And yours - “to the right, anytime you point out that you’re being treated differently it’s causing division”. And, “Every generation of conservatives see nothing wrong with the social aspect of the country, ever”. So who’s mindset is messed up. I made insinuations based on your posts - about you. Your mindset/insinuations are directed toward 74 Million people. So how in the cornbread hail is anyone suppose to have a conversation with you?
  14. https://issuesinsights.com/2021/01/21/trumps-top-10-triumphs-a-final-look-at-a-remarkable-presidency/
  15. If a gang of whites attacked you, would you consider it racism? I’ll answer for you, yes you would. Some years ago, while leaving a HS Football game, I was blindsided to my temple by one of 3 blacks I had just passed. After shaking my head to clear it, I went after them. By then, there were about 20 blacks facing me. After a few punches were thrown, another black man came up and broke it up. Understand this guy/gal, individual racism comes in all colors. Too many blacks think whites are the only folks who hate others because of the color of someone’s skin. That’s just not the case.
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