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  1. So, take off your beer gollgles, how many retractions have you seen of 3 years of Russian Collusion? Reread my post. I know the right fubars up, but you Liberals live and breath by the MSM. Never doubting the continuous , even after the proof is presented. Go on, defend them until you get carpel tunnel syndrome. I know they’re nothing but a propaganda arm of the Dem Party. You might think about the old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Follow the Liberal Media religiously, and you’re the fool.
  2. Btw, did the right wing media get sued and have to pay damages to Hogg? Weak comparison. Sandmann got rich off the Left. Good for him. How do you defend these folks?
  3. Are you referring to the right wing sites? If so, you might want to reread my last post. Btw, I don’t remember FOX, or any other site doing daily stories on Obama’s birth certificate, or him being a Muslim. The Russian Collusion story was a daily smorgasbord for the leftist media. Nice try though.
  4. Fascinating that the MSM still refuses to call what’s happening, “Riots”. How ridiculous. Here’s a thought - call it “Peaceful Riots”, like all the “peaceful protest”, that cost billions. And a reminder, Biden was going to bring us together. What a joke. Now every speech has Jim Crow inserted. We need green energy because climate change is like Jim Crow. Give me an intercoursing break. History will record him as The Great Divider.
  5. https://hotair.com/headlines/2021/04/14/tucker-goes-full-tinfoil-hat-maybe-the-vaccine-doesnt-work-n383179
  6. I’m just saying, in my opinion, any school put under a microscope for social media postings would find embarrassing post. I’m not condoning what’s happened in Aledo. I see adults making crazy SM post. I can only imagine what 15-18 year olds put on there. Like the Internet, it’s a great tool, but people throw out trash on beautiful highways. They’ll certainly trash SM.
  7. I wonder how an all black school, or any school, would look if Social Media Post were placed under a microscope like this? I think you’d find Aledo is not unique.
  8. Obama, “Oppressor in Chief”. Ridiculous? Funny? Insane? Sad? https://hotair.com/ed-morrissey/2021/04/14/confirmed-obama-no-longer-woke-enough-for-waukegan-school-district-n383233
  9. Name a political incident that was carried by the right wing media for 3 years that was false (Russian Collusion). Name a liberal high school kid who was denigrated for a couple of days by the right wing national media, and the kid was not only not the abuser, but was himself abused (Nick Sandmann who had a MAGA hat on). Name a startlingly revelation that could change an election that was not reported by the right wing media (Hunters laptop). Is right wing media perfect? Not no, but heck no, but I can’t remember all of them simultaneously doing things as egregious as these. The rece
  10. Not nearly as right as it was under W. F. Buckley, lol, but fairly accurate in their reporting. NY Post would be another source when making a point with the right. I’ve very little use for CNN. They’re the Left equivalent of Alex Jones, imo. My dislike of them is probably rooted in the fact they used to be a fairly reliable source and have gone way off. Much more than ABC, or CBS.
  11. We’ve discussed that. If that’s all you can find, fine. But when discussing with conservatives, try to find something from FOX, National Review, or at a minimal the WSJ (if possible). If I’m discussing with liberals, I’d try to attach a link from the MSM (minus FOX), again, if possible. IMO, for political news, there is no absolute source.
  12. It’s easy to get on this Forum and second guess Cops, QBs, Coaches, etc, but take a walk in their shoes and see what you’d do. This prominent police protestor took the challenge. Watch and find out how he did.
  13. I was merely answering your question. Are you saying you’re not capable of following the post?
  14. You don’t even have to love/like America. Just when you think the Democrats can’t get any lower.......
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