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  1. Here’s one example. A California teacher Kali Fontanilla, oh btw, she’s black, left and moved to Florida rather than teach the racist crt. https://m.facebook.com/standforliberty/posts/2053160754832133 https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2021/04/24/what-school-principal-admits-theyre-doing-to-white-kids-n2588376 Id love to use a MSM, but they don’t report it.
  2. Every time I see a story about it, some teacher or school is teaching, white man bad. Teaching white kids to be ashamed of their skin color, or lack thereof. That’s not teaching, that’s indoctrination. Put whatever famous cover on it you want, it’s still and wrong. Imagine the outcry if black students were being taught black man bad. Holy Moly, talk about insurrection.
  3. The Biden Administration will mandate working folks taking the vaccine. The Military. They’ll mandate a lot of folks, but they will not mandate welfare recipients. Not now. Not ever.
  4. They’re all elitist Loons that know the rules are only for the peasants and republicans. They mistakenly think their status will give them a chair when the music stops. Many of these Loons will find themselves chairless, and will end up with the proletariat whom they despise.
  5. Once again, Abbott should start putting them on busses and take them to the Northeast. Heck, planes. SUV’s. VW bus..... Cruise ship would be ideal.
  6. And liberals had the audacity to label Trump a liar. Biden is the lyingest politician I’ve ever seen and that’s in a field of professional liars.
  7. The fascinating thing, Liberals try to impose CRT under the guise of race discussions when the fact is it’s white man bad. My question to you fellow posters, do they know it’s about “white man bad” or are they just sheep repeating Liberal News talking points?
  8. So a tanked economy, crisis at the border, cluster fudge exit from Afghanistan, horrendous inflation, and shortages in grocery stores and restaurants, aren’t positive? Good for you Barry. Your acquiesce by not posting is encouraging. And yes, I had to look up “acquiesce” to make sure it meant what I thought, lol.
  9. So pray tell Barry, list all of Biden’s positive accomplishments. Preferably ones we all consider positive. For instance, you might think joining back up on the Paris Accords is a positive, while most of us don’t. The positives I listed for Trump are things all Americans should like. So I eagerly await your list.........
  10. But even they can’t adequately explain why. Forget that prior to Covid our economy was at a remarkably high point. Forget our borders were more secure than in many decades. Forget that the NK ceased it’s missile firing. Forget all the many positives that Trump accomplished, just no bad tweets. How they ignore all that and embrace an imbecile who his own “handlers” (whoever they are) won’t let him answer questions from the press. Transparent? Lol, they put up an iron curtain.
  11. Wow, , I got a pontificating pompous ####. So this is what happens when someone continuously post the truth. Sorry big guy but I’ll continue to do so until.......1- you finally see I’m right and you become a conservative, or 2- you quit posting, or 3- the guys with the butterfly nets round you up and place you in an institution where you can get help.
  12. But I don’t see Barry or Pepe on there?
  13. If those quotes by Lenin & Stalin doesn’t show you the problem, you just don’t want to know. Or, being a liberal, your brain simply deletes the proof. Fascinating thing about liberals, if the truth doesn’t fit your mindset you simply ignore it. Really, fascinating.
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