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  1. Why would one pay attention to that poll? There’s proof on the air daily. Did the MSM (including Twitter & FB) not talk about Russian Collusion for 3.5 years? Did T & FB ban the Trump’s Tax story, and the MSM not report it? But wait, the oldest Newspaper in the US, and fourth largest in circulation, runs a story on Hunter & Joe. T & FB ban it, and the MSM only reports it as Russian interference. That’s all the proof of bias anyone of sane mind needs.
  2. Lmbo, it’s worthless information. Even liberals should know by now that CNN is the most biased MSM outlet. Wait. Maybe I’m giving liberals too much credit.
  3. Dems don’t care what their candidates do. Pedophilia, theft, murder, it’s all okay if it’s a Democrat. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  4. I don’t know. We spent three and a half years investigating and continuously reporting Hillary/Russia . We still have three years and five and a half months to work on this. Guess you don’t like it when it’s happening to your folks. But I’ll bet you don’t take down your big Pelosi poster.
  5. Heard on News today, 24% of registered voters in Jasper County have voted already. One good thing about living in a small town, my wife & I were in and out in less that 10 minutes. One guy Voting when we walked in, and another walked in when we were leaving.
  6. Poor Barry, he’s being duped by the DNC and doesn’t even know it. The most telling line to me, through this whole resent fiasco, was when Pelosi & Blitzer got into it, and Wolf said he was worrying about people going hungry and Pelosi started repeatedly saying, “We feed them”. She sounded so condescending. Like a slave owner accused of mistreating her slaves and proudly proclaiming she feeds them. Imo, that’s the way she regards all of us. And this is the ultimate goal of the DNC, and whoever is the puppet master of this whole storm coming.
  7. I was thinking about the 80’s, but there was a show called Happy Days based early 60’s or late 50’s. Reckon there will be one name Happy Days based on America today, with the burning, looting, attacking, and tearing down of statues, many related to Christianity? No, me neither.
  8. Once again the brilliance of the Founding Fathers is exposed. But even those extraordinary men could not foresee what has occurred. Knowing how virtually all governments get corrupt, they envisioned the press (Media) to be the watchdog of our Republic. That worked well for about 225 years, but when political bias replaced the News, there is no longer a watchdog. No one to keep half of the politicians honest. Inevitably, if there’s no one guarding the Republic, it will fall. Saw a sticker on the back windshield of a pickup last week. Thought is said volumes. Here is is, best as
  9. Anybody up for an Argyle vs Carthage game?
  10. When I watched, great stream. Enjoy!
  11. Not a Jasper fan, but watched the Vidor vs Jasper game on KJAS. Naturally Jasper announcers, but for homers, they did a decent job. Stream was good.
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