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  1. There’s no doubt there are sheep in both parties, just more on the Left. For instance, I have, and seen other conservatives, badmouth some Republicans. But do I see liberals putting down Democrats? No. Even when one says to many on an island will make it sink, not one derogatory remark from any Dems. Myself, I have no use for Mitt Romney. Don’t particularly like John Cornyn. Don’t like Trump the man. That’s just a few. There are several others.
  2. Oh really? Did he lead the charge? Wouldn’t surprise me. The Far Left plans to bring down our Government, and with voters like you supporting them, surely they’ll succeed. Sheep? You folks on the Left make sheep look like born leaders.
  3. Makes you wonder how many more from the Left were arrested. This guy, being a BLM activist, makes the News, but how many more Left Wing Loons were involved? Heaven Knows Mr. Allison.
  4. I’ve heard there’s a great disparity in what the US Govt gets from Texas and what Texas gets from the Fed Govt. if that’s true, the plus money could be used to replace Fed Retirement & SS/Medicare. There’d be many adjustments to be made, but it might be worth it. If the Dems give Statehood to DC & Puerto Rico, the Senate will be lost forever. Only other possibility, Texas separates into 5 States - Texas, North Texas, South Texas, West Texas & East Texas, but I like that one even less. Besides, Harris County might outvote the rest of East Texas, and still have Dems controlli
  5. When Westlake beat North Shore, that made them the favorites, imo.
  6. WL’s QB mobility gives him a big advantage.
  7. SLC look like the air is out of their tire.
  8. CH gets first possession in second half. Has a couple of good runs, finally, then fumbles. Ball bounces up in Katy’s hand - TD. Katy now up 34-0.
  9. I looked at their record. On the surface, they looked good. I’m thinking, at last, a great SC game. Like the Friday games, it hasn’t been so far. The UIL might want to shuffle Regions some. The second best teams appear to be getting beat in the Regional finals, or SSF I guess. Maybe the “Dodge Bowl” will be a good game. I accidentally recorded the 2017 Highland Park vs Manvel game (HP won 53-49). Good thing. Easily the best SC game so far in the 5A-6A classes I’ve watched, lol.
  10. 65 yd TD run. Tune up the fat lady. 24-0
  11. After KO penalty, they start at own 12. QB keeper for 1. Pass for 3. Incomplete pass on 3rd & 6. Punt. They have to have a RB that can run. D better bow up here or this’ll get outta reach.
  12. I think they’re 0-fer on 3rd down attempts. Not good for CH.
  13. Wow 48 yd FG, dead center. You’re right, the CH Offense has been all on the QB.
  14. Katy D is impressive. Their LB’s are studs, and one had a diving interception that would make a WR envious.
  15. Most impressed with the DR defense. With the new rules hampering the D’s, and wide open offenses, you rarely see a good D, but DR held Cedar Park to 14 points & they’ve been averaging over 50 a game. Very impressive.
  16. I’ve heard, 5AD1 Top Number is based on Highland Park’s attendance, but I can’t confirm that.
  17. Not even the fabled Carthage Bulldogs could handle Denton Ryan. Not quiet halftime & they’re up 30-8.
  18. Aledo looks awesome, but Crosby’s defense has never been their strong suit. I’m much more impressed with Aledo’s defense. I got donkey stomped on the other site saying I thought Carthage could, not would, beat Aledo, but I stand by that. I do think it would be a heckuva game.
  19. Crosby had a great run, but can’t imagine them coming back from a 35-14 deficit. Any of you Carthage folks still think you can beat Aledo? I do.
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