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  1. agree. I think they are going to leave most of it up to anything Abbott says. And beyond that school districts will have control
  2. 5 days to clean between cases? Will other business/government areas still issue a 14 day quarantine?
  3. I think schools will limit ticket sales. A lot of schools probably won't even do season tickets. Just sell a certain percentage weekly. I think you can expect to see a lot do pre-sale only...no at the gate sells. Not everyone of course. That could all change though if the UIL says only families can attend. We might see something like we did for some graduations where each student can have X number of family members attend. It will be interesting. I would think the UIL would announce something in the next few weeks to allow districts tike to make a plan.
  4. but it is when you are talking about paying for travel, etc of other sports. It's the same in colleges. College football foots the bill, followed by men's basketball. Almost every other sport is in the red.
  5. If there is no in person student learning, there will be no extracurriculars
  6. True. Aledo had a new coach. Then returned to the original. Lol. Guess that made me forget. Ha
  7. No question. I meant he has to keep winning to keep the players transferring in.
  8. He definitely seems to have it down. Harder to keep it up in a multi school town. But if he can, it will be hard to stop.
  9. UIL has recommended shutting down summer conditioning until July 13
  10. It's probably because the Whithouse head coach is the brother of the AU Designs guy that did these stickers and does a lot of helmet decals
  11. If there were guarantees that sitting out the fall fix everything, I would say do it. But there are no guarantees for that
  12. Per Matt Stepp, Clarksville has hired former Atlanta DC/ Hallsville assistant Jerrick Farmer.
  13. Something I read said UIL is considering it. From the sound of it, it is to give spring sports that lost their entire seasons last year, hope to at least play some in the fall. So if things shutdown again next winter/spring, they won't miss their entire seasons again. So I guess that would put football/volleyball starting late winter/early spring.
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