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  1. Money isn't bad for HFC only. But teaching 2 classes will be tough
  2. Henderson cleaned house...head football, volleyball, girls and boys basketball all posted
  3. If it is AD/HC it will get a lot of interest. If it's HC only it will get some interest from coaches looking for a 1st time head coaching position. Will be interesting to see how they go about it.
  4. Doesn't make it right, but unfortunately this is very common.
  5. And he's saying this coming Monday
  6. He's already tweeted that one out
  7. Stepp tweeted an East Texas job could open up Monday...
  8. I don't know.. that happened back in January. But definitely makes it easier on his family now. If OU will release him
  9. Stepp reporting that Allen could be close to a deal with a coach currently in the college ranks.
  10. No he wasn't. But Steve Lineweaver was.
  11. Way too early predictions I'll say: Texas High Marshall Whitehouse Pine Tree Nac MP Jacksonville Hallsville
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