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  1. I definitely missed that. Crazy. I would assume someone in the district told them to take it down.
  2. They just dropped to 4AD2. They turned in 741. The 3A cutoff was 514 I believe. They would have a ways to go. But it could happen in several years I guess
  3. You think they will beat JT and Lufkin? Sure can't see it being Longview or Allen. I think they'll be 1-3 to start district
  4. So will the Tiger be the new head football?
  5. The one you are talking about has a better football job after they dropped to 4A.
  6. No. This one has a brother still currently working for the district
  7. Yep. I would expect some other area coaches to use that as leverage at their current schools
  8. Haha, gotcha. I just remember SH posters claiming that back at the beginning of football season. Man, that will hurt SH to lose him too
  9. Isnt he the kid that is so fast? (Fastest in the district and played in the secondary?)
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