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  1. Didn't have a great outing this year... 1-9. But never know
  2. Maybe a coordinator from PG or Texas High?
  3. Got to think that Atlanta will draw a lot of applicants.
  4. Atlanta is officially open now as McClure moves into administration
  5. If it's who I'm thinking of he has head coaching experience too
  6. That would be interesting if he came back
  7. Here's another https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kltv.com/2021/01/15/scott-ponder-leaving-center-lapryor-athletic-director-position/%3foutputType=amp
  8. I'm not sure if he does or not. Got to think he could have landed a better job. But sometimes you want out bad enough it doesn't matter I guess.
  9. Exactly. I don't think I'm that surprised he wanted out of Center. But the fact he wanted out bad enough to go to LaPryor. Lol
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