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  1. I sure hope things are back to normal by then
  2. Tough time to be looking for a head coach.
  3. North Lamar is officially open. Emeyabbi was placed on administrative leave in late February will not return.
  4. Wondering if the UIL will put out a new statement soon
  5. Yes he was. I'm guessing he will stay at Braswell, but never know
  6. Stepp tweeted he expects it to stay inside.
  7. Rodney Webb officially announced at Denton Guyer. Great hire
  8. Wasn't a good sign for UIL sports when Trump extended social distancing through April 30th. If schools go back by May 4th it may still happen. But if not I think it's over.
  9. 2 Denton schools will now have head football coaches coming from there. Interesting.
  10. Very good hire. Do you think Guyer is a better job than where he is at now? Was a little surprised to hear he was taking it.
  11. A lot in big cities have announced they are closing indefinitely and doing online only. Basically means they dont think they will be back. But adding indefinitely at least gives them the option to come back if things slow down.
  12. Very similar to Drennon. But it sounds like most peoples issue with Drennon was AD related. So maybe Allison will be fine in a football only role in Hallsville.
  13. More money maybe? Also, if he had that role taken away from him, most likely he didn't want to stick around.
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