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  1. That's what I was wondering. Weird move if his dad is still in san diego.
  2. Why the move to Argyle? Is his dad still with the Chargers?
  3. How did mount pleasant do tonight?
  4. Yeah, wasn't sure what the "offical" word would be on that. To me it would be fine, but didn't know how it has to be handled by school officials.
  5. How does this pavillion work in bad weather? Is it considered enclosed? Or if it's lightning, etc can you not use it?
  6. https://www.willisisd.org/domain/2250#calendar3485/20190814/month Pretty sure this is him
  7. ? Lots of people have Nike uniforms? All the poster said was it was their new uniforms..
  8. Saw this on twitter. LEs uniform reveal.
  9. Does turf really last 10-12 years? I feel like I've seen some schools already re doing theirs. May depend on the company though
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