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  1. Will be a good one. Vandals with the edge at home.
  2. Will be a good one. Purple Tigers in by 7.
  3. Lindale. But this has the potential to be a good game
  4. This could probably be a good game. Sherman was up 16-0 in the 2nd quarter I think. Then fell apart. Didn't score again until the end of the game. MP beat a bad East team. Both these teams will probably be pretty evenly matched.
  5. This should be a good one, but Center seems to have the momentum right now
  6. That's the hardest part during all this for teams. Life could decide on Wednesday not to play and leave LE looking for a game. Crazy times.
  7. LE big. Life was killed by Godley and Athens. Barely beat Brownsboro. LE has a very manageable schedule this year. Van will be a good test next week. Life had to quarantine last week i think. Is this game happening for sure?
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