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  1. Thought QB from last seasons was back?
  2. No doubt. I would like to see Atlanta start to gel soon.
  3. Lol. Edited it. Was supposed to say until they play Van. They play Atlanta, Waxahachie Life, then Van
  4. Very good win. LE shouldn't be tested again until they play Van
  5. Will be fun to see those 8th graders in high school if they are as good as advertised
  6. Definitely agree with that. He's put a lot of chips on this now sophomore class. His son is in that group. I think that's what makes the qb getting hurt that much more disappointing.
  7. Yes, but the money was eye-opening at Lee. And Willis has done a pretty good job over there.
  8. Gibson might be second guessing not taking the Tyler Lee job 2 years ago...
  9. They played Livingston last week. Won 35-15
  10. What were the sub varsity scores last night?
  11. Is there not a thread for this game? Where are all the PG posters?
  12. LE by 14 if they can find some offense this week
  13. Soph. Ahkari Johnson. He's a stud. Was ineligible for varsity last year or probably would have been the starter. Got hurt week one, 1st quarter for PG this year though.
  14. I missed that Jalen Woodside is at Hooks now
  15. Those top 3 in district seem to be all but set. Everyone else fighting for the 4th spot.
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