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  1. Sophomore that will play SS. Senior that pitched last year. Have a couple of freshman and a junior that wasn’t on varsity last season.
  2. Carthage has 7 returning starters. SS is moving behind the plate. Should be great year for the Bulldogs.
  3. Very undisciplined. QB even likes to mix it up after the play. They get very frustrated when teams get physical.
  4. I would bet money you see him run a couple QB draws like Bogenshutz in 13. He didn’t run all year until he had to. He is very athletic.
  5. Well that just confirms what I have been saying. Carthage’s secondary may set a record for most int’s in a game.
  6. He has had multiple offers and has never left.
  7. I watched the Needville game and the LH game. They can’t match our speed at any position. Their defense is none existent and their offense runs go routes on both sides most of the time. There QB is small and quick and he does everything punter, place kicker and qb. Carthage will shut them down and he will find it hard to operate with our front 7 putting a lot of pressure on him. Horton will have his best game all year. Wade, Ingram, Williams, and McNew will all score in this one. Courtney will go for over 100 and Dawgs twos will play the 4th. Dawgs big.
  8. No sir. I have watched all of Lampasas games and have been to all of ours.
  9. I think the QB will be running for his life. The defense for Lampasas is small. Our big boys up front should be able to get a push and the run game should be good this week.
  10. Carthage has the Better defense. Our front 4 and LB are fast and tough. Bowman is a shut down corner and Whitlock is a run force from the safety spot. Our offense is not clicking on all cylinders so that worries me a little. However the sophomore Wade showed out list night. If we get him Dixon and Williams along with McNew going all at once LV will not match that man for man. Make no mistake our defense is our strength which is crazy. LV will be a challenge but we have to get by LH or Lampasas first.
  11. Greatest game I ever saw with my two eyes!!!!!!
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