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  1. Mane I likes it. I wills be sine that papr. I thinks they needs to do one of them competition wheres them big huge guys lift and moves all that hevy stuff wees coudl calls it Strongman Kerry comptition.
  2. mAne yall ain gone on belief this but I had done gone pullled over bye HPD right acros from that school one times long times ago. Alls i was thanking was that a young thug lik me in the hood is about to get shot. i dinnt get shot or even tassed.....thank yu houston polices deparrment. i done gone on and moved up to est texas and quitt that thuggin. wHoever gone on and work for this job better be from the hood an of the hood . ant no dount that coach strong got enough ganster in him but i dont see him gone on down their. butt i dont know he did tel me long ime ago he like black womens
  3. I sho bets yall might cann guess who one of them asittant coachs aint.
  4. I gone on tell you whoo they shud hire bit he sho aint working for that $
  5. I bets Kerry sTrong woodnt tough this with a cane pole.
  6. i might go if theys got good food. I bet they rent is cheep.
  7. hes aint giong no where for somebody amdin building. They chasin wheres ever he wont to meet,
  8. i dont talk in no code. ill name is name. KErry Strong fron bog Sandy. Not shure if yall can gets him thou. He got lot peopl run round after him right now so if yall wont to talks to him yall better gone on and try do it.
  9. yeap you knows they aint gone hire no black coach.
  10. if theys siruis about winnin other than on first monday they need to call Kerry Strong frombig Sandy He prolly want answre he taking someboyd else . prollbly cannt leave mesasge cause his mailbox ful cause everyody want interview. Yall prolly to late on him. he might be gone on to tyler lee roberts but i hope he stay at big sandy.
  11. Ifs they loookin for thats splashin higher they need gone on up 155 twowards big sandy . Strong up they aint no up and coming coachh that might be good. he. a done gone done that more time thans you moma make buscuits. gone on and slap some buttter on him becasue he ready to roll.
  12. iF they wont a splash hire they hire kerry STrong form bigs andy. dide wood take all water out of pool with big cannnon ball of hire
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