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  1. 1jacket

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Word is Leonard will sign with the Clippers. And Clippers to acquire Paul George from OKC. Kawhi Leonard to sign 4-year 142 million deal with Clippers.
  2. 1jacket

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Durant/Irving instead of Durant/Leonard.
  3. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

  4. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    Cheese fries are good. That's if you save me some ETF lol.
  5. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    That's good too hear, love good concession stand food.
  6. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    Thanks for the info guys, how's y'alls concession stand food ?. The last stadium that I've been too that had a pee trough was LK back in 2012. And EastTxFinest, EF had closer bathrooms for the visitors (trees) but unfortunately opposing teams killed them and EF cut them down lol.
  7. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    I've never been to DF stadium before, it will be a new experience and something different too see.
  8. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    EF will give them a run for their money. EF has to go to DF though.
  9. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    EF in Third place, we will see . EF was 3 points away from a District title last year , hopefully they will use that as motivation.
  10. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    I think the EF/DF game could be for the District Championship, that's if someone doesn't sneak up on one of us lol.
  11. 1jacket

    Best HS football player EVER in East Texas?

    Yep that's right TDJ89, and in his Sophomore year Johnny Moseley got most of the touches. So there's no telling how many yards he would have ended up with.
  12. 1jacket

    Best HS football player EVER in East Texas?

    Chris Harris - Elysian Fields. He had speed and power, he ran for over 3,000 yards in a season.
  13. 1jacket

    Class 3A (D-II)

    If EF can put it all together, they should be pretty good and a tough out. It just depends on the Defense.
  14. 1jacket

    Must See Games Of 2019

    Outside of EF games, it would be Longview vs West Monroe and Carthage vs Pleasant Grove.
  15. 1jacket

    EF Football

    The Defense will be the key and staying healthy. The Offense should be pretty good though.