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  1. EF vs Tatum and EF vs Alto. It's been awhile since we played either of these teams.
  2. EF. The 2007 team,1998,1999 teams. The 1997 team was loaded but just got overpowered by Alto on that given night. The 2012 team was good but ran into a buzzsaw in East Bernard and the 2016 team was also good but lost a close game to a good Newton team that year.
  3. I saw it the other day. The turf looks good, very nice looking.
  4. Have you seen EFs new turf yet ?.
  5. Love the Lamb pick. And the bonus is seeing them Philly tears this morning lol.
  6. It should be a competitive District this year.
  7. EF beat Jefferson 11-4 tonight. Any other scores ?.
  8. It has been rough for Duke lately lol.
  9. We will see how EF does in the Nathan George Louisiana/Texas Shootout this weekend.
  10. 2020 Elysian Fields Football Schedule Scrimmages Troup/Sabine @ Troup Jefferson/Pewitt @ EF Non-District Harmony-H Joaquin-A Winona-H Daingerfield-A *District *Queen City-H (Homecoming) *Harleton-A Open *New Diana-H *Ore City-A *Waskom-H (Senior Night) *Hughes Springs-A
  11. Duke is getting smashed by NC State.
  12. Congrats Sabine. It was a great game.
  13. Elysian Fields QB Ryan Wilkerson is a Jr.
  14. I was watching until one of them Honey Do lists showed up lol.
  15. XFL starts today, I'm going to watch it.
  16. DF beat EF 59-48. C'mon Baseball lol. DF girls beat EF 41-39.
  17. Lol. EF will find someone for that 4th Non-District game.
  18. Do you know EFs final opponent ?.
  19. That's right. My bad Joaquin lol. Looking forward to playing the Rams this year.
  20. I think the last time EF played Joaquin, they had that big brawl back in the day.
  21. I Hope EF plays some decent Non-District teams.
  22. EF returns alot on both sides, looking forward to when District starts.
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