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  1. Because Odor has NEVER done anything wrong. Ha, he was mad at a hard slide (something he does too) not a stupid bat flip from last season.
  2. He should have been tossed but I think it was a walk off.
  3. Because that is what we want to teach our kids. That is how he should be punished. You probably also enjoy all the play that Odor has been getting in the media (you probably just went and youtubed the video again and smiled because batista deserved it!)
  4. Athens has turf too, and has for a number of years I believe.
  5. It depends on who is leaving. He is kind of stuck this year with the guys on staff unless they decide on their own to go elsewhere. If this was 2 months ago maybe that would be a different story.
  6. No last year was not the first official time he called the offense. He called the offense for his last 3 years at Arp, and both years at Gladewater. And why comment about his wife. (Even though I will concur on her hotness)
  7. I heard that the T-High coach once dated the umps sister and he broke her heart. He did it to get revenge! (Not really, I just think that this is ridiculous!)
  8. He has had some success at most of the schools that he has been at. He did ok at Garrison. He was only at Frankston a year. He did ok at best at Grapeland. I think he was successful in Shepard. He had some good years at Beckville and San Augustine (I believe he went 10-1 his first season at SA).
  9. No STARR testing was last week at the high school, but I do think that AP testing is this week. I would bet they are doing some football.
  10. Maybe but I almost tend to doubt it. I would find it hard to believe that Jonny won't be calling the offense and it's hard to leave Gilmer if you aren't calling the shots. But anything is possible.
  11. By East Texas standards they won't be down, but by Tatum standards they will. I have a hard time seeing them winning district championships and making runs in the playoffs, but I could be wrong.
  12. He would have to want that job. They are not going to be anywhere near as good next year or for a few years. Those are high expectations that I'm not sure can be fulfilled.
  13. I feel bad for that program. I would have thought that things couldn't get worse. I was wrong.
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