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  1. I'm two sided on this. On one hand, I think they should have let him finish his contract out. Contracts don't seem to mean squat these days anymore. On the other hand, having one good season, doesn't justify keeping a coach around. The year they got to the playoffs wasn't 50% coaching and 50%players. Since then, and before that one year, has Redwater been competitive in football? I don't like to hear the gene pool argument. You can't tell me that Paul Pewitt, Daingerfield, and Atlanta just "grow" them year after year. Those kids are driven by coaches in a system that seems to work
  2. Isn't beating Gilmer any year, beating the State Champions! Sorry....couldn't help myslef. Gilmer is always THE team to beat around this area.
  3. It's not that I think LE can't win. Here is the reason why I think they won't win. Over a 10 game period, Pentalties = 86 for an average of 8.6 per game Yards from Penalties = 609 for an average of 60.9 per game Fumbles = 38 for an average of 3.8 per game Interceptions thrown = 5 I wish I knew how many touchdowns were called back LE has talent, i don't dispute that at all. LE could shock Gilmer again. But, if you think about all of the momemtum busters these stats add up too, it is mind boggling how they are in the playoffs. If LE plays its best game all year,
  4. LaMichael James reminds me alot of Darren McFadden of Arkansas. Especially this year, I think both are running TD's and throwing for TD's. They both are lightining fast! You will not catch either if they break into the open field. It wouldn't suprise me if Arkansas tries to recruit LJ. He needs about 25 more lbs to his frame and he would really be a pheonom.
  5. I'm pulling for LE. I think if LE can keep from shooting itself in the foot, LIKE IT HAS ALL SEASON, LE can make it a close game. However, LE plays very inconsistant, and from what I hear, Gilmer is very disciplined. LE has a lot of pressure on itself as well. I truly hope this game isn't a blowout on either side of the ball. Does anyone have LE's stats on the year as far as penalties and turnovers?
  6. Wow! LE has got to be proud of the education this kid is getting! This isn't even worth reading!
  7. No No...don't get me wrong. By no means am I asking for Redwater to get some respect. Thanks for the positive comments. I know Redwater hasn't really ever been a power in football. Its kind of expected year in and year out that Redwater is going to be at the bottom of the district. With that being said, there is no reason for people to rub it in their face and say because of them being the "bottom" of the district, that they shouldn't even play football. They truly have as much heart, spirit, and drive as the top of the district and love the game of football. It's great for them to win
  8. I look for this to be a good game. Here is what I don't understand. Why is it that people aren't giving any kind of congratulatory compliments to Redwater? They are doing much better this year than last year. They have scored more points this year and are very scrappy. True they "might" finish last in the district, but they deserve as much praise as everyone else for winning games. Redwater isn't a football town per se, but the community support continues to blow my mind with the types of seasons they have had. I expect a HUGE crowd(standing room only) at Dragon Stadium Friday n
  9. Not that is the attitude to have mptiger54. I honestly mean that in a the best way.
  10. PG's not scared of LE and LE isn't overlooking them by any means. I can gaurantee that. I'm not even going to try and call who wins this game. If the LE team that played Pitt shows up, then LE will win. If the LE team that played the other 6 games shows up, then PG will win. PG unfortunatly has Trey Reed out. Would have loved to see him and LJ go at it. From what I've read, PG is a solid and smart team. LE has athletic talent and I think PG has a fair amount as well. I think the speed on LE's side is the talent that tips the scale as far as athletics goes. PG has some good
  11. Redwater vs. Paul Pewitt. I'm expecting a LARGE crowd.
  12. LE is very prone to this. They did a good job last week. If you look back at LE's previous games you will see that this can and may very well happen.
  13. To answer your question honestly. I'm not boycotting anything. I'm not jumping on a bandwagon. I say congrats where they are due. The rest of my HS football season is planned out and LE isn't included. I still root for them, but I'm not going to any games. Going to Redwater this week and Texas High Next week.
  14. To throw in my two cents, I think the announcer at Redwater does a good job. He adds a lot of "color" to his announcements/calls. He'll add in "Great run" or "Crushing Tackle" and things like that for either team. He his the best I've heard in Bowie County.
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