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  1. Shhhhhhhhh... dont give away our secrets..NB..
  2. Arp one senior 8th grader away from State jj
  3. He in Galveston Ball.. He gone.
  4. If this is true Newton will be in great shape. This young man will be a great player .
  5. My prediction is Newton beats all of the Big 3... Now !!
  6. The roster don't show what's moving up . Newton will be solid next year as always.
  7. It will take DField years to get over that 79 to 12 beatdown by Newton. Every time they step onto the field they gonna be looking over their shoulder and flinching and ducking.
  8. Dfield2010champs 83Posted Saturday at 12:16 AM No way in hell a bunch of West Texas pasty farm boys would’ve hung with us. Just be glad 8 played against us. If he didn’t we would’ve won. Y’all are a joke.  Newton is a joke ??? After they hung 79 on Your Daingerfield. Really !!
  9. (If) a loss for Newton were to happen in 2019 from Wos , Silsbee and Gilmer (combined) the loss differential would not cover the 79 Newton put on Daingerfield.
  10. All the has-been and ones who got that butt kicked by Newton this year still a little salty about it. Newton gonna face some good teams in preseason with their rebuilding squad. That's what makes a good team better. They will go to Gilmer , Silsbee, and Wos to Newton. Sure it will be tough to get a win. Then they go to the weaker teams like Daingerfield and kick dat butt again like last year.. sounds like a plan...
  11. Them boys keep trying put Daingerfield in the mix or topic. They had their chance and Newton blowed dat off the field. Now they still wanting to talk like they somebody. Prove you somebody like Newton did then you can talk the talk. Newton to strong for you boys in 2019 even with a rebuild year. Watch and Learn from dem Eagles.
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