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  1. That Cam Yoe vs Dfield was the best I've ever witnessed as a Tiger fan. I know that GW/Gilmer was a slugg fest too
  2. How yall goin to be this year? New qb right?
  3. Not a bad drop imo but I'd of liked to play them at a neutral site
  4. Yall get to see the orange crush 1st hand lol
  5. Its mine that melissa is just as good of competition as gunter imo. They are a 4a up and coming powerhouse. That game will be tough. The rest wont be easy tbh. Except against them yard birds. Maybe another shutout?
  6. DeKalb will make a showing. Our preseason is a tough one Dfield preseason..... not yet "confirmed" but looking like Atlanta, Tatum, Sabine, and Melissa
  7. That's who I had as the front runners too. PP and Dfield will be a lock at 3 and 4 right?
  8. Not even close. Redwater will beat them
  9. Daingerfield, DeKalb, Pewitt, Redwater, Paris Chisum, Praireland, and Hooks
  10. This will hands down be the most boring district thread of 2020
  11. I was just guessing lol. . Yall seem to be the team to beat
  12. I'll say Jefferson at #1 & Tatum at #2
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