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  1. They aren't as talented as advertised so dont believe all the hype.
  2. Did you say every other? I just checked it out and I got nauseous....
  3. Not a Democrat and definitely not a kap fan lol
  4. I still wear my hat backwards from time to time. I'm only 39 tho so I'm good till September. Right?
  5. Tell em how ya really feel kuzzo
  6. He's officially been committed to Terrell
  7. News hit Poohit so hard that they shut the entire school down till Thursday.....
  8. That Cam Yoe vs Dfield was the best I've ever witnessed as a Tiger fan. I know that GW/Gilmer was a slugg fest too
  9. How yall goin to be this year? New qb right?
  10. Not a bad drop imo but I'd of liked to play them at a neutral site
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