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  1. Would never thought I’d say this, but I actually miss NB. He made this week very entertaining last year. By the way. Bears win a close one.
  2. We didn’t have a bonfire for ETF’s lame ###. Dude couldn’t hold natureboys jock.
  3. Just FYI.. was just told that DeKalb was sent 400 tickets. Dont know about visitor ticket sales at gate. Would go get tickets from office just to be sure.
  4. We won 35-0.. complete game. What was said about a forfeit?
  5. Thank you natureboy.. stay out of the penalty box bud.
  6. If DField couldn’t stop our D-Line with the massive bodies they have. Then the Pats will surely not. We’re too fast up front.
  7. We go against the Harmony, Arp, West Rusk district.
  8. We don’t play that district in bi-district
  9. Good job DF.. knew it would be a good one. Wish it went the other way.
  10. DF can score quick.. still dangerous for us here.. this ain’t over.. just glad we’re playing The way are.
  11. We may be little.. but we’re fast and physical.
  12. ETF.. game isn’t over yet.. so I’m not talking trash.. but I told you it wasn’t going to go like you thought.
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