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  1. Dekalb is going to pull off the sweep tomorrow night!!!
  2. Dk won all 3 games tonight. Forgot score to 7th, but the DK 8th and JV shut out Pewitt. 8th Grade was 46-0 and I believe JV was 24-0.
  3. How is Pewitt’s 7th, 8th, and JV teams?
  4. Where’s natureboy this year? Banned on all platforms?
  5. Everybody is saying how good chisum is, but they barely beat PLand.
  6. Told y’all.. that game didn’t reflect who we are.. we turned the ball over 6 times.
  7. That score doesn’t reflect the team we are. Hope that y’all come in expecting such a thing. Going to be wondering what the heck hit y’all.
  8. Dekalb fumbles in the end zone again.
  9. There’s a few studs in that group.
  10. Is the 8th grade QB new? Don’t remember his from last year. Dude threw it pretty good last night.
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