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  1. PG has to get that passing game going some.
  2. Exactly, I do think with Burris playing it would have had an impact but not enough to change the outcome. Argyle is the better team right now.
  3. Well that’s pretty much how the game went except The Groves passing attack was was not as good as I thought it would be. it was there, just Not polished yet. I think the grove will get that cleaned up. On the other side of the ball, now that’s a different story. PG secondary was not on it last night. The tackling was really surprisingly bad. 87 was a matchup nightmare for the Hawks. The 10 yrd cushion Tha the Db’s we’re giving receivers made sense after seeing the difference in speed on the outside. Argyle is really good. They beat PG up front like I have not seen in a while and outsid
  4. By the way did anyone see the fox highlight report from the Nashville Game? They used last years roster! LOL https://www.foxsports.com/southwest/video/1782581315796
  5. Oh and yes I know Arkansas Football is not Texas Football.
  6. Nashville is known for football they have the titles to support it. They were ranked #2 in the state of Arkansas.
  7. I'll say this we are of the same opinion on GAME DAY! The weather is nice coffee is great and preparing to go get some food for the grill. Having some friends over for the game tonight. I really would love to discuss match ups with you but all I know about Argyle is they are historically good. I think the game will come down to who makes the least mistakes on the field. If PG plays mistake free they should be hard to beat. For me, this game is a measuring stick game very similar to Carthage games. Please lord no injuries for either team.
  8. Gimme them Hawks by 2 TDS. That conveyor belt of running backs was impressive and I know that Argyle will make that their primary concern. That's when Woody will unveil the passing attack.
  9. Can I get an app or download any of the games from this weekend?
  10. Suratt maybe the future Father in law of our QB. Ben. He also has a history in our community brought us a T High title. Another great man and first rate coach. Well we are losing a lot of starters. Qb 4 OL RB Hicks and Garrett 3 WR Rodriguez, Antonio Hopkins, Jackson Cobb. 1 DL Jamie Lewis Both ILBs Hopkins, Nelson 1 CB Durman 1 Safety Legrand and a few of these kids are 2 way starters. A lot of core players in this group.
  11. And I may be wrong about this, Gibson does not strike me as a materialistic person I mean money and possessions so I’m not sure if you can dangle dollar signs in front of him. I think he likes a challenge for sure but this man cannot and I mean cannot speak about these kids and not get emotional. He spews love for these boys. He’s had me crying a time or 2. What a blessing to have this man and the PG coaching staff so involved in shaping 2 of my sons! Truly thankful!
  12. I think he definitely stays through next year with that D line’s senior year and yes I believe he will stay and see his Son Graduate as a Hawk.
  13. Really sloppy 1st half by the Grove but held that high scoring Wimberley offense to just 1 TD that came in the closing minutes in the 2 nd half. 3 turnovers by Pg kept Wimberley in this Game but PG played a really good second half. The seniors shed a lot of tears at the end. You could tell it was bitter sweet. I want to say thanks to the most successful group of seniors in Texarkana. What a run and y’all were a blast to watch. A fitting end to an incredible journey!!
  14. LOl In all honesty I would say my Son avereaged just under 5YPC.
  15. Pretty sure I did not make an Excuse. Just recapping the game how it happened. I think an excuse would have been IE: Greenwood only scored because our best Defensive LB was injured. That's an excuse or at least an attempt at an excuse. There is no excuse for the Grove not stopping Greenwood from scoring. I am simply pointing out that the very late hit on the QB did take away an interception which means Greenwood no longer has the ball on that possession.Which means it is not first and goal on the 5 yrd line. That is the first time I have seen MB flagged for that. It was the right call but it c
  16. T. Cross -26 for 149- long 20- 5 ypc. This is his exact stats. Now what I would like to point out is that on his last 2 carries with under a minute left in the game he had 34 yrds. Pg in Prevent mode.So up to the last 2 garbage time runs he had 24 for 115- 4 ypc. Easily his worst game of the season.
  17. gotcha ok that was like Royal- Brookshire. And they were runner up also one year I think so this is their 3rd appearance I believe
  18. I think PG has seen teams that are better passing teams than Wimberly this year. They have improved all year at handling the spread offense. Wimberly's #9 and #10 receiver combo is nowhere near as potent as Carthage's #3 and #7 combo and not as potent as Gilmers #4 and #14 combo. Pleasant grove has faced by far the better teams throughout the season yet PG has only allowed an average of 18 PPG. while scoring 42 PPG. Wimberly despite having a much weaker schedule has allowed 27 PPG. while scoring 45 PPG. I think the tale is in the tape who will win this game. I see Wimberly like 2017 Graham who
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