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  1. Joaquin could only dream of December football
  2. So if groveton couldn’t stay on the field with SA and groveton is beating Joaquin by 2 scores how do y’all expect to even keep it close if y’all would’ve played us?
  3. I figured the winner of that game would come out beat up
  4. I have said that groveton could win that side of the bracket since the playoffs started.
  5. Actually in the alto Joaquin thread earlier in the week I said I wouldn’t be shocked if alto got beat by Joaquin. I just think groveton wins that side of the bracket but I could be wrong.
  6. Joaquin don’t really think y’all should be worried about SA cause groveton is gonna be a handful.
  7. Joaquin didn’t play SA last year but in 17 SA was up on Joaquin 21-0 at halftime and won 33-21.
  8. San Augustine lost there best defensive player tonight early in the game mlb #10 broke his leg that’s gonna hurt SA on the defensive side.
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