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  1. Timpson vs Frankston Joaquin vs Carlisle Shelbyville vs Beckville Garrison vs Hawkins
  2. Been a while since Joaquin has took a beating like this. Great game bears and congrats on the district title
  3. Someone is very confident..... go ahead and order ya'lls tshirts lol
  4. That's the official rankings from Texasfootball.com
  5. I was on that 16' team. Fear? No. They came by our locker room chanting "75925 ALTO" i will never forget it. Kase Yates threw his helmet against the door and said "F*** these Motherf*****'s" we piled out that locker room with Joaquin football players from past and present. I will never forget it, that was the turning point of the Joaquin football program.
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