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  1. I was on that 16' team. Fear? No. They came by our locker room chanting "75925 ALTO" i will never forget it. Kase Yates threw his helmet against the door and said "F*** these Motherf*****'s" we piled out that locker room with Joaquin football players from past and present. I will never forget it, that was the turning point of the Joaquin football program.
  2. Talked to wade after Cushing game he said it's gone be knock down drag out who ever wins better have healthy players come round 2. That being said rams 35 tigers 24
  3. Tenaha Bigg! Timpson D ain't up for it. I'll say 56-20 tigers
  4. I think alto wins this one my honest opinion. But if if Carlisle comes to play I'll take them by 7
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