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  1. if it aint too late....i'll make my picks for this week Burkeville Grapeland Evadale
  2. Hey i'm new to the party....... but here's my one crazy prediction this year.... i'm going with the upset this week. Burkeville will defeat West Hardin this friday. you heard it here 1st......
  3. Congrats to Coach Lowery on his coaching career. (At least in football)
  4. "Jesus Christ didn't use secular authority to enforce his word". https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2214677528801481&id=2006494389619797
  5. False. Idk about Sabine pass but burkeville has 88 students. Well below the cutoff
  6. Someone needs to warn burkeville. They play Grapeland. They aren't as classy as lovelady. They'll run it up to 100 at least. And they'll end up putting some of burkeville kids in the hospital. It ain't gonna be good for them next Fri.
  7. Lovelady burkeville game was honestly the most pathetic game I have ever seen. We scored 32 points....not just within the 1st qtr, not just within 5 minute, within 58 seconds of the game, we were up 32-0!!!!!!!! We could have scored 200 on them if we wanted to! (Oh btw final was 67-0)
  8. Grapeland Lovelady Colmesneil @WestHardinfan1
  9. Lovelady has shown this year we are among the best.
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