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  1. With the teams Gunter and Franklin play in district i dont see how it will change... Rogers is better then you may think all they did was play the 3AD1 #10 team West with in a score. Franklin went on the road and beat a top 5 3AD1 Lorena team who also play China spring with in a score. I hope the kids hear this it will only add more fuel to the fire being looked at as the #2 team. I have not seen a franklin team look this focused in my 15 years of watching franklin football. Also as always good show I like listen to you guys
  2. They dont like franklin winning it all this year... But tbh Franklin is looking really good not just saying that as a homer.
  3. I really think the three spot is wide open imo Lexington has struggled this year
  4. How do you see this district shaping out? Franklin Rogers Buffalo Lexington Riesel Florence Clifton This weeks match up in district will have two rematches from last year's final 4 in region 4 Franklin vs Lexington and Rogers vs Buffalo other match up will be Riesel vs Clifton
  5. Here us some and what they dropped or added in one year Franklin 1,637 -4 Refugio 2,680 -27 Mart 2,013 +25 Hearne 4,182 -85 Shiner 2,166 +2 East Bernard 2,360 +9 Canadian 2,663 -18 Newton 2,332 -19 Arp 1,060 +15
  6. Yeah still run out of it but also I formation, slot t, veer, wishbone, spread 4 wide, pistol, ect... We ran based out of the wing-t for years with coach Hedrick but new coach runs a little of everything
  7. A little of everything now... We run out of so many different formations.
  8. We got some pretty salty back ups also lol... Prolly start kicking field goals like we did against hearne later in the game
  9. The Troy Trojans travel to Franklin to take on the lions. It is both teams final non district game. Troy lost last week against Waco Robinson 28-20 to fall 0-3. Franklin went on the road and won 41-21 against the Yoe. Im not sure if troy has ever beatin franklin in football. Thoughts?
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