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  1. Yep dont think they are doin it this year. But if they do have it then its on Thursday or Friday around 6. My dad loves his coaches and pickem show every week
  2. The station in the buffalo area that holds that is called the pickem show and i want to say it 100.5 KMVL. Great show guys
  3. Poth will play either Buffalo or Rogers in the 2nd round
  4. They would play on the other side of the bracket and could meet lexington rogers or buffalo in the 2nd round... Over all poth has not played anyone so far this year so cant really size them up but I believe our district Is over all the best in region 4 this year..... Still got some big games in district... Buffalo vs Franklin, Buffalo vs Lexington, Lexington vs Clifton
  5. Haha its all good same reason i picked Waskom. They have been flying under the radar till top 10 rankings came out. I believe we can give EB fits if we get to meet them this year
  6. Canadian, Gunter, DF or Waskom, Franklin
  7. Maybe they should keep the games at Jerry world and have 1a on Wednesday 2a on Thursday 3a on Friday and 4a on Saturday.... Can do this because of the late 5a and 6a start
  8. Might drive over to Fairfield to watch some Friday Night Football on a tuesday
  9. Rogers upset then #8 Lexington in 3ad2 dist 13 on last sec td
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