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  1. What up JJ!!!... Who is your favorite in each d2 region this up and coming year
  2. Anyone want to put their input on who would be sleepers in 3a d1 and d2 and favorites in 3a d1 and d2
  3. Yep this kids dad is like 6'7 6'8... He could end up being pretty big
  4. Franklin has got some really good running backs... Couple of juniors and a sophmore plus a returning senior... Not to mention the 6'ft 7th grader that will be on varsity running the ball after next season... Us being young last year plus playing teams like yoe troy and lorena will make them better before district starts... Ready for next season
  5. I think yall will play buffalo first game of the season again... Looks like yall will have the same non district schedule as the past two years
  6. Next year girls district will be as solid as it can be prolly the top district in 3a... Groesbeck made the playoffs this year and bring back a good group
  7. That is great congrats to fairfield
  8. Region 3 has a team playin for state in 3a this year..... Fairfield girls will be pushed no one is goin to lay down for them when they drop
  9. Franklin lost to woodville by 10 in the region final.... First quarter is what killed us at one time it was 21 to 5. Got to bring your A game for 4 quarters against good teams
  10. Crockett has already beat them twice by double digits if not 3 times... Crockett rolls
  11. #2 Crockett 58 #8 Academy 52 final Normagee 52 #3 Hearne 51 final
  12. We bring back a good chunk of kids only 4 seniors on the team 2 of them starters.... We will be in yalls district next 2 years
  13. Us as well i wished we scheduled yall in football or basketball
  14. Crockett vs Academy @ A&M Consolidated tuesday 6pm... Crockett finished the season #2 in the state and Academy finished #8 should be a good game... Also Malakoff vs Grandview plays in the 3rd round tomorrow as well
  15. This is the 2nd year in a row for woodville to make it to the state tournament... Good luck to both teams
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