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  1. Was able to catch the Tatum game last night haven’t been able too to go yet bc of work but them eagles look pretty good!!
  2. Carthage by as much as they want nobodies stopping the buzzsaw
  3. https://schooleventticketslogin.com/event/view/grandview-vs-tatum Link for tickets
  4. Yea they’re schedule looked real tough
  5. This game I think will be a lot closer than people think. Tatum got a uphill battle but can get it done.
  6. Center squeaks out another win by a TD. I think WC has more athletes than sealy
  7. That and Potts only has 1 receiver that you gotta worry about. Or at least that’s what it looks like. Tatum has 3 you gotta worry about. They won’t have the athletes to keep up.
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