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  1. I can't speak for all level, but the 8th grade is a pretty good group. They were down 5 of their main starters last night and have beaten many good teams this year. But there's no doubt Sabine is in a pretty good place.
  2. Easy boys. They are a great team. But White Oak's 8th grade beat them and have 1 loss in district as well. Not over yet!!! Looks like it could co-champs
  3. So you just said Harleton coaches don't sacrifice their time? Are you sure about that? Are you there? That's a pretty crappy accusation.
  4. so let me get this straight. you blame the current girls situation on past jh girls coaches? not the fact that most of the athletic girls are going to play soccer in high school
  5. Troup JV 30 Elysian Fields JV 28
  6. you might want to look at why coaches come and go right and left
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