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  1. Awesome job @Ronster23!! Good luck tomorrow Raiders. Enjoy today with your families everyone.
  2. Our offense is pretty much all sophomores
  3. One is the FS the other plays corner. Both rotate in on offense at WR/RB. Them two are going to be something else in a year or two.
  4. Most of our starters are sophomores this year and some juniors. We have 2 freshman that start on defense.
  5. West Rusk returns 9/11 on offense and 8/11 on defense.... what’s Waskom return?
  6. Now they are showing it to be raining in the morning, then clearing out by the evening.
  7. As long as it’s not a monsoon again like 2015 I’m fine with it. Lol
  8. Y’all in the same basement. The two village idiots stay together.
  9. Lol you make Waskom fans look bad. Go back to your basement and stay off here.
  10. How’s it feel to be a fair weather fan? Where you been all year? Got a decent team and now you decide to show back up.
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