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  1. Ags stay undefeated as well beating SFA and Praire View A&M 30-2 tonight
  2. Whose more deserving? Have you not seen how great America is right now?
  3. First time they played in district on Jan. 17
  4. That game was a while back but yes that is correct
  5. Tatum would get first, but Jefferson would be a toss up for 2nd with the other 3 teams I mentioned. Just my opinion though!
  6. I disagree, Arp would get 2nd in y’alls district. They are pretty good! Troup, WO, and Sabine would battle Jefferson for that 3rd and 4th seed.
  7. Looks like Sabine is a lock for playoffs now
  8. Tatum should just focus on making the playoffs
  9. That’s true but she pees like you instead
  10. Talk about it all you want. I know I would if WR had the hardware. I still have to give y’all a hard time though.
  11. I can spell and complete a full sentence. No relation at all
  12. I knew I could get one of y’all to revert back to the past. Back when Tatum was relevant.
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