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  1. How do you know they won’t make it to Austin? You can predict the future or something? I’ve followed ND for a long time and even graduated from there. I haven’t seen them have this much depth at pitching. They can get to Austin.
  2. Medlin is going to Texas State
  3. ND has depth at pitching this year like I’ve never seen before.
  4. ND will win but the rest of the district will be competitive
  5. Y’all got a dang good team this year. ND might make a run at the State tournament. They have depth at pitching.
  6. Seen where New Diana put it on Kilgore today 9-1
  7. If it’s the doctor you been seeing I’ll pass
  8. WR should be pretty good. Losing some good experience and talent but we have studs in the lower classes. WR will be good in all sports for the next 3 to 4 years
  9. This one has me confused. He must’ve saw the writing on the wall.
  10. Ags stay undefeated as well beating SFA and Praire View A&M 30-2 tonight
  11. Whose more deserving? Have you not seen how great America is right now?
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