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  1. Jv score: West Rusk: 30 Troup: 28
  2. Where’s all the Troup people?
  3. Ridiculous.. So ready for the election to be over and Trump to win so we don’t have to hear about this anymore!
  4. I was on that thread a little yesterday. They some big babies over there
  5. There ya go @Bclove05 I got this thread going now. Maybe some of these Lions fans will keep ya company
  6. Yeah I figured maybe they were holding him out until district. He’s to good of an athlete to be on the sideline when the offense is on the field.
  7. I’m just going off his performance against us. He was accurate when his OL gave him time in the pocket. His receivers didn’t help him much though they dropped a lot of passes. Some that would’ve been touchdowns.
  8. QB looked pretty good to me. Receivers dropped some passes from him. Running back y’all have isn’t super speedy but he has good vision and runs hard. #3 needs to be more involved in offense.
  9. Hate to hear he’s out for the season. He was a stud on defense. Hope his surgery/recovery goes well!
  10. This should be a pretty good game. Both teams lost to Dekalb by a score. I say if Sabine gets some of their players back from injury they will win. If not, the Lions will win a close one.
  11. Heard from a buddy that’s from Sabine that they did a little drainage work over the summer. Noticed it was in better shape when we played week 1
  12. Yeah it won’t be to bad though. It rained more than this when we played them and the field was in pretty good shape.
  13. Should be alright by Friday. Sabine has upgraded their drainage system.
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