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  1. They got plenty of money in that school district!
  2. Yeah I remember, but look at it now way better just like our football program is.
  3. I’m just poking like y’all do… In all honesty, this game could be ugly for GW if they don’t figure things out quick.
  4. lol This has nothing to do with the question I asked. Who gives a about the past? What’s Tadumbs playoff record since dropping down to a division that they were supposed to dominate?
  5. Do y’all remember when Tatum, ATL, and GW were going to run through this division after dropping down?
  6. If that’s the case, it must be your time of the month all the time. You’re the champ of name calling.
  7. You’re more ignorant than I thought if you think I have another account. Prove it doofus.
  8. The best you got is Wet Rust… that says enough… Or, “We won State 15 years ago so we are world beaters.” You and EB are the only ones I know of who have alter egos on here. Move on girl.
  9. So has Wet Rust…. But that’s probably the dumbest one out of them all. Doesn’t surprise me though since you’re the one who claims it.
  10. Why? Neither Tatum or GW can beat MV.
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