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  1. Cushing is better off losing this game. I think d11 3rd and 4th have a good chance to make it to the 3rd round. But 1st and 2nd place will play bremond and Mart round 2
  2. Congrats groveton on getting that monkey off your back. Groveton wins this one too
  3. Chain they don’t have anything that will scare you. I kinda thought this year they would finally beat LL with us losing so many kids. But we just had to play the whole game this year to blow them out instead of just a half.
  4. Burkeville has to be the most improved team of the year. I think they win this one.
  5. Groveton is in the conversation as a top ten team in the region. But not to win it. I think groveton would be happy to break their curse in the playoffs and finally win one. They have had some good teams lose first round the last decade.
  6. It was a district game no choice in it
  7. It didn’t we returned the kickoff. Two fumble recoveries for tds on two plays if I remember right then a punt return. I think it was 61-0 with 3 or so minutes left in the first quarter when the kids were told not to score again started running out of bounds. I don’t think they had a tackle against the first string
  8. I would’ve agreed with you until this year when we had to play burkeville. It was 32-0 in the first 54 seconds of the game. There’s no reason for them to drive two hours to have to play that game.
  9. I went and played hearne in 95 they were always a powerhouse back then. We get in the gym watching them shoot around we all go this might not be to bad their not that big. Then we figured out that was the jv it wasn’t pretty we lost by like 40. Good luck to both teams.
  10. It doesn’t make much sense lovelady is on the far west of region 3. And have to drive a hour west of us. I’d say nac or lufkin would be better for everyone.
  11. WH would’ve won district 10 I think
  12. Yeah they breezed thur the district. I just assumed y’all winning district and them being third Cville would be favored. But either way I think it will be a close game.
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