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  1. Carthage looked like a college football team when they got off the bus.... and they played like one too.
  2. I can play this transitive game..... Palestine beat Henderson by 22. Crandall beat Palestine by 4. Chapel Hill beat Crandall by 42. Kilgore beat Chapel Hill by 28. Dogs win by 96!
  3. 4th INT for K secondary. 28-7, of 3rd.
  4. 21-0 Kilgore at half. K secondary had 3 INT’s of Coker, first was a pick 6.
  5. I can’t explain Pitt’s results this season..... but from what I saw they have a damn good defense. They did beat Kilgore, who beat Nac, Hallsville and PT. I like PT in this one. PT’s QB is a gamer..... and the Pirate offense can light up a scoreboard in a hurry.
  6. Hallsville has a quick RB and a pretty quick little lefty QB.... and that’s about it. Marshall should be ok in this one.
  7. Pitt played their tails off... as did Kilgore. Sometimes it just comes down to how the football bounces. Congrats to the Pirates on the well earned win. I spent my Thursday and Friday evenings in Pitt and it’s a really nice facility with even nicer people.
  8. The Pitt/PT score just doesn't make any sense to me at all. Most everything I've heard out of Pittsburg this year is that they're down on talent and numbers.... and judging by their 3 losses that would make perfect sense. The scores in their 3 losses suggest they have a decent defense and very little offense. But somehow they managed to score 42 points against PT and hold what I thought was a pretty high powered offense to 30? Just don't make no sense. I'll take Kilgore by 3 or 4 scores anyway.
  9. Congrats on the win T-High, and good luck on the rest of your season. Nutshell version of this game (from my perspective, of course) is that Kilgore just couldn't find a way to stop #2 (Cooper) from ripping off long runs..... and Kilgore's offense just couldn't get on track on the ground or through the air against a stout Texas High defense. Was definitely a learning experience for our boys... and I hope T-High came away a better team as well.
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