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  1. Yeah, I love it, love it, LOVE IT! Well, with the exception of Marshall on there. We'd been better off scheduling Carthage to get a decent barometer of this Lobo team is at.
  2. I only disagree with the mechanics when it comes to Grant vs Tutt. There are too many unknowns when it comes to Tutt because I have yet to see him take a varsity snap. Grant, went from having all these preseason accolades, mentions at the Elite 11 camp, etc. I just don't KNOW what happened but, my guess is the lack and depth of competition he is use to seeing coming from White Oak to Longview. His mechanics are damn near flawless, though. I'd hate to be the one to ultimately make that decision on who to start of the three.
  3. Yeah. Also, would help if they would drop the Federation rules.
  4. Okay, I am asking this question in all seriousness from ALL Lobo Alumni, Boosters, avid supporters and fans alike. How do we improve our competition pre-district? WHO would you SERIOUSLY suggest as an opponent in a scrimmage and then what team would you want on our non-district schedule to prepare this Lobo team for 2021? And, state your reason WHY. Also, I am NOT a fan of just one scrimmage. I suggest (2) solid scrimmages from two behemoth programs to better prepare our team and get us up to speed but, what are YOUR thoughts? I don't know who our strength and conditioning
  5. My bad, LOL! Yes. Lincoln Riley. Damn, "smart phone" removes what you put in and replaces it with a name you've typed in previous discussions. Smdh....
  6. Oh well, l got my worthless @** Dallas Cowboys left, I have no idea what my Dallas Mavericks are going to do but Mark Cuban needs to seriously reconsider Rick Carlisle's future as the head coach, I am not a hockey fan by no stretch but, the Dallas Stars is my hockey team and I am rooting for them to make it back to the Stanley Cup after falling just short last year. My Texas Rangers......... I just...... I'm not about to get started on them. They definitely didn't deserve a new stadium. And, my Oklahoma Sooners. Unlike Skip Bayless, I am not too fond of Lincoln Riley these days. It's pers
  7. I don't even remember him dropping from the 5-Star status once he earned it, to be quite candid. Not saying that it didn't happen, just saying I don't remember.
  8. I will have to do some digging to find the source but, I VIVIDLY remember when Haynes King received his 5 star rating as a recruit. As a matter of fact, the 40-0 blowout game he had against John Tyler, social media asked THIS exact question, "So THIS is the #1 QB in the Nation!!!??" He had a -poor performance that night and his 5 star rating became in question on a national level. Now, whether he ended up still being a 5 star is one thing but, he definitely was a 5 star.
  9. Haynes was a 5 Star QB. He was liked ranked the #1 QB in his class. I would ask where you've been at but, knowing full well you were there the entire 2018 season, the real question now is what was it you were smoking and how much? Don't play crazy. You know full well Haynes was a 5-Star QB.
  10. As a Lobo Alumn, I definitely respect your opinion and I can tell that it comes from a place of support and not malice. We have certain sectors of our fanbase that don't want you critiquing John King no matter if they wholeheartedly believe in everything you're saying. They just don't want you saying jack s*** about him because they have a personal relationship with him or he probably was cordial enough to shake their hands at a weenie dog function. And, don't get me wrong, John King is a hilarious person to shoot the breeze with and he will have you cracking up and hurting your side laug
  11. Man, don't get me started. But, I will. The week of the Katy state title game Coach Bero changed ALL of our plays - gutted. That is the truth if it's never been told.
  12. Naw. That was me that said that regarding John King and I wholeheartedly own that. But, did we not have a loaded team in 2018?
  13. I want to give a shout out to out Defensive Coordinator, John Berry today and this season overall. Brother, you done a phenomenal job and I seen the difference in your playcalling from the last time you were here. Keep up the good work.
  14. Is anyone up at 1:03 AM with me in Loboland and can NOT sleep because of an upcoming game at 2:00 PM, today???
  15. Nope. Naw & Hell Naw. You're trying to raise peoples blood pressure, damage heart monitors and pace makers!
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