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  1. Nah. We have to disagree on that. The only school out of that panhandle area that's worth a damn is PROBABLY, Canadian. If, you're into watching that type of stuff. You have to keep it '07. You've been watching Texas High School football long enough to know what areas of Texas CONSISTENTLY put out on a yearly basis, not some flash in the pan appearance like Tascosa does. It doesn't help the fact that we get off of the gas up 35-7 and totally make the ballgame look competitive when it wasn't.
  2. For THIS game. Probably not very, hard. Now, with Highland Park next week...... OMG. Good Luck.
  3. Really, dude. EL PASO Coronado??? When is the last time any school from El Paso (BESIDES, CANUTILLO) or the Laredo, Brownsville or Edinburg area done anything remotely significant as it pertains to High School Football???
  4. Yeah. I don't know why Longview High is getting slammed with Spring Hill Middle School students when we are in 2 different Independent School Districts. I mean, I DO know why but I don't like it nor do I like the drama and politics that eventually accompany such "move ins" and "transfers". It's absolutely amazing how many people come out of the woodworks and parents all of sudden come up with L.I.S.D. addresses once you win a state title and see how much television airtime we get as a program other than our local news affiliates.
  5. Well, add me and several thousand of others to the stupid list. You can't blame the fanbase after what we've seen the past couple of weeks. If, you want your fanbase, alumni and supporters to be optimistic, then you must FIRST give them something to be optimistic about.
  6. Well, I am telling you right now. We got SERIOUS issues.
  7. I was saying the same thing until I looked at the final score of the Temple game. If, my Lobos had've at the very, least came into the second half with HALF the fight they came out with in the first half against Temple, I would give us the nod. And, I do mean a SLIGHT one at that! If, Marshall or any remaining team on our regular schedule wants to have a legitimate shot at us, just air it out on our secondary EARLY and OFTEN. As a matter of fact, I ENCOURAGE any coach or player from the opposing team that is reading this, to take EVERY opportunity you can to go down the field on us since
  8. How in the HELL is Texas High D2??? Do they not have the highest or at least the 2nd highest enrollment in their district??? I know, I am probably wrong but, let me know.
  9. In a small sample size watching Allen vs Grant. When attempting to throw, Allen's mechanics takes a few seconds longer during his release as he does this "wind up" motion before throwing/releasing the ball. Grant's mechanics are pretty exceptional. When going through his stepbacks and planting, he is solid. He's not doing a lot of unnecessary bouncing and pivoting. His arm is parallel with his chin and like a bow-hunter in the forest, his release is almost dart like with velocity, zip and accuracy FOR THE MOST part. I believe as someone mentioned earlier where the (+/-) is coming in
  10. Yep. William Morrison was our starting QB coming out of Judson in 1994.
  11. (LEFT) WR-Rogers Taylor, signed a full scholarship to play at my HBCU Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have no Earthly idea why John King won't allow players to wear #1. Just plain silly. Must've had Doug Cox and Robert Bero in his ear. (RIGHT) DT/QB-William Morrison, played as a starter on the 1997 team and earned a full scholarship to HBCU Texas Southern University in the heart of 3rd Ward Houston, Texas. This dude NEVER truly was given the opportunity to play quarterback for Longview and I am not about to get into the why's. I'll let y'all figure it out if you so wish.
  12. What was so corrupt about, Barack Obama? Miss me with the Benghazi BS, though. What bothers "y'all" SO much about this man besides the obvious???
  13. The people in Mesquite shooting at squirrels. That ain't the same Dawg!!!
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