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  1. The people in Mesquite shooting at squirrels. That ain't the same Dawg!!!
  2. Do you get those "special" channels??? Just asking.
  3. Really??? Dude. PG, is smack dab under Texarkana, Texas the most EASTERN city in the entire state of Texas. You act like PG is like 150-200 miles from Longview,Texas.
  4. Send this to John King to let him know that it's not against the law to start a Freshman.
  5. Hence is PROBABLY why we are sitting at the house here in Longview. Same type of scenario over here to a degree. We didn't play our freshman receiver who only caught everything that was thrown to him and kept giving a Senior receiver all the opportunities to keep dropping MOST of everything that was thrown to him. Play your BEST players - period; then live with the results.
  6. You AIN'T missing NOTHING. Just gone up a little north on Central Expressway aka Hwy.75 several miles north of McKinney when you're bored and got a tank full of gas (PREFERABLY in a Toyota Prius or smart car) and look at their stadium. I mean, when you get there just get out and have a close, personal look. Now, your mouth at that particular moment should be wide open in disbelief. The traffic on Friday nights after the game in that location HAS to be atrocious on it's BEST day. That venue is about the closest thing to a sardine can that you possibly emulate. It reminds you a lot of Ruston's Bearcat Stadium if you have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to embrace that urinal.
  7. Man, what type of beverage can I buy you or what's your cash app so I can send you $20.00 to put in the offering plate??? I have said this all year. I said THE LITTLE SH** that you don't clean up will come back and bite you. You can't afford to have an off night in the playoffs. And, unfortunately we did on both sides of the ball.
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