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  1. Your statement was “I can’t wait until Mt has to play someone with a winning record “ I simply stated at the time they played union grove , who I believe is a classification bigger, they had a winning record also Detroit had a winning record... your statement wasn’t I can’t wait till Mt has to play someone who finished the season with a winning record. What’s with all the hate you have on the kids at Mt? Playing exactly the same teams as last year
  2. It’s something they do to make themselves feel better and tough because they lack in other areas... mountfan y’all are 9-0 at this point enjoy it... I’m betting their team is not 9-0. Y’all are playing the same schedule last years team had
  3. Grove and Detroit both had winning records... your wait was over several weeks back in the season. Now you can get over the fact that mount is pretty dang good
  4. Mt beats Detroit and with Bowie beating Clarksville next weeks game between Mt enterprise and Clarksville has no meaning for district title.
  5. 2018- 5-6 2017- 3-8 2016- 1-9 2015- 3-6 2014- 4-6 2013- 4-7 total record last 6 years 20-42 Come on hippie I thought you were a math guy
  6. Inherited what was put together by the old coach and turned around You do realize Mt has only won 20 games in 6 years? 2 more games and the new coach is half way to matching the 6 year mark. Might be playing cream puffs but they are now destroying the same cream puffs that destroyed them last year.
  7. Awesome... glad hes a great guy... as I hope he would be working with kids... maybe I should reword it... did not mean that it came from the head coach, but A coach from grapeland stated that they were not worried about tenaha because they had more athletes than tenaha...again the guy stating this said he heard it...maybe you are right maybe you know more than me... i would just hope the men coaching your kids would have more sense than to say that... havent seen either team play just going by what I have seen in the past... good luck to you guys this week.... you will need it
  8. From the word Im getting the whippin your boys are gonna take falls on the hands of the coach.... dont know the guy but the word of mouth that I have heard informs me that his cockiness weeks ago stating that he has better athletes than tenaha and that they will beat tenaha handily is why the lights will go out on the scoreboard this saturday evening... also never met horn but have heard that he is an abrasive #### and does not mind doing that to yall lol... Lord have mercy on yalls soul
  9. Rocky and crew always has his boys ready... I say Carlisle wins this and goes through district with a "0" in the loss column
  10. Tenaha will try to bust the scoreboard on this one.... Tigers may break 100
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