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  1. The sad part about all of this is that this information surely came from someone inside the program. Someone on staff currently, maybe with the involvement of some disgruntled parents, video taped and provided evidence to hurt Coach Wasson and his career. They're about to have to pay out Coach's contract for a heavy penny. I know they aren't hurting for money, but I can see this turning out A LOT like the Desoto situation or the Navasota situation. It's never good to let esteemed coaches, such as Wasson, that are influential members of the THSCA go in such a way. No question there will be a lo
  2. Sounds to me like you have a serious axe to grind with the man... I'm sure you can locate him easily if you really want to hash things out with him instead of hiding behind a key board. I seriously doubt you would say these things to his FACE. He's a pretty easy guy to find. He's probably at NB or ATL... Coach Fant is certainly one of, if not the best, Offensive Line coaches and Offensive Minds in East Texas. He's been known for that for a long time in that part of the state. He's a great ball coach and an even better MAN. To have success as an AD/HFC at any level, it has to be the RIGHT
  3. There's no question that PG has a great team. This one is going to be a great one to watch. Rooting for TK and PG. I hope they can get it done, but to be the man you have to beat the man as a wise man once said
  4. I'm not talking up anybody. I don't have a dog in the hunt and really don't care who wins. I've seen all three teams play live...PG, WOS, Kennedale. Just call it like I see it. I guarantee you I've seen PG play more times in the past two years than you have buddy.
  5. The other thing everyone needs to look at is how WOS played Kennedale. Kennedale runs a very similar offense and has ALOT better kids than PG. Not taking anything away from PG, but if Kennedale can't score more than 21 on that defense.... PG won't either. Better play great defense and cause some turnovers. This game is not going to be about either offense. Big boy football...Defense is going to win this one
  6. They haven't played anyone that is 1) this good on defense 2) this fast 3) as well coached Coach Thompson has been defending this offense since Josh Gibson has been alive...
  7. Here's my two cents on this deal. PG plays the type of ball that will give them a chance to win the game. They are very physical up front and will be MUCH larger up front than WOS. I hate the style of offense they play, but they are about as good at running it as anyone. The tempo in which they break the huddle, line up, and motion gives defenses problems when aligning. Proper alignment for WOS will be huge. Coach Thompson will surely have that defense prepared. There's not much that dude hasn't seen or prepared for over the years. PG's QB is, without question, the best QB in that area ne
  8. You do know that QB you're talking about has thrown 32 td passes right?? I guess those were forced passes huh???
  9. They haven't played a team outside of Carthage that can effectively pass the football. Maybe Pitt
  10. Whats Hendersons signature win?? Center and Palestine?? Bullard??
  11. Are we just going to ignore the fact that Henderson played a SOFT pre-district schedule??? ATL (terrible), Tatum (terrible...only won by 1), Pitt (decent DII), Pine Tree (bad 5A). All donkeys. Hell, they barely beat CENTER and they're garbage.... Kilgore cant stop anyone this year and they beat Henderson. No one is intimidated by anyone from that district other than Carthage. They're elite and everyone else is simply mediocre. Have fun Friday... If the defense isn't bringing 7 every snap they aren't going to get to the QB. That's trouble for that secondary
  12. These stats are incorrect. Navasota rushed for 211 and threw for 200. Qb was 21 of 30. Ran 75 plays of Offense
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