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  1. You’re absolutely right stinkypinky. If they go out there and execute their routes.. no way they can be stopped. That D is going to be a double headed back and forth monster to say the least.
  2. Can somebody please explain to me how PG is any more ETX than WO-S..? PG is literally the most Northeast you can get. WO-S the most Southeast you can get. Not sure why this “East Texas speed” keeps being thrown around. THEY’RE BOTH EAST TEXAS.
  3. Orange County was predominantly Republican :clap: , lets get back to football talk lol..
  4. Yes, they would beat the brakes off of PA Memorial exactly like Westfield railed West Brook!! Just like Temple beat your sorry Titans by 4+ TD's!! Stop being a hater, give credit where credit is due.
  5. lol, WO-S would woodshed PA Memorial, lets be real. The barely beat PNG, and LOST to Vidor.. get real dude.
  6. talking about ole buddy crying his way off setxsports...lol and wants to talk about wos fans crying.. he took the wahmulance back to PA
  7. LOL, coming from the dude that cried his way off setxsports. wahh wahhh wahhhh :crybaby:
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