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  1. Give me a break... Even though I didn't truly pay attention to who was in the game for y'all, I'm guessing there may have been a few plays where some 2nd string came in, and only because there was a 14 point difference with less than 5 minutes to play, but don't yank my chain and act likeit was all JV players orchestrating that last drive.
  2. Like I said they played all game - last drive was less than 5 minutes to go.
  3. Congrats Carthage - now that you have eliminated my Lions again - I will root you on to another championship for the DOD.
  4. The rain expectation is down and moving to more after midnight... Two weeks in a row the other team has cried about the possibility of weather affecting the game. It's football in December - if you don't like the elements don't go!
  5. So your saying Castles is under Surratts skin??? . Guess he's not as much a fan of the gamesmanship as y'all say he is!
  6. But during the monsoon of 2018 against Kilgore, they dominated - how many did Kilgore score on Carthage? 23???
  7. Y'all must just be getting home!!! Personally I am 6 drinks deep and headed to bed!
  8. In new news - it finally is raining!!! LMAO!!!
  9. BTW - district 10 is the only district in 4aD1 that has district opponent's still playing into week 4 - and that my friends is why it's called the District of Doom - to bad we gotta eliminate our own district opponents!
  10. Lions gotta throw out the playbook and let these boys play if we wanna have a chance - IMHO
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