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  1. Give me a break... Even though I didn't truly pay attention to who was in the game for y'all, I'm guessing there may have been a few plays where some 2nd string came in, and only because there was a 14 point difference with less than 5 minutes to play, but don't yank my chain and act likeit was all JV players orchestrating that last drive.
  2. Like I said they played all game - last drive was less than 5 minutes to go.
  3. Congrats Carthage - now that you have eliminated my Lions again - I will root you on to another championship for the DOD.
  4. The rain expectation is down and moving to more after midnight... Two weeks in a row the other team has cried about the possibility of weather affecting the game. It's football in December - if you don't like the elements don't go!
  5. So your saying Castles is under Surratts skin??? . Guess he's not as much a fan of the gamesmanship as y'all say he is!
  6. But during the monsoon of 2018 against Kilgore, they dominated - how many did Kilgore score on Carthage? 23???
  7. Y'all must just be getting home!!! Personally I am 6 drinks deep and headed to bed!
  8. In new news - it finally is raining!!! LMAO!!!
  9. BTW - district 10 is the only district in 4aD1 that has district opponent's still playing into week 4 - and that my friends is why it's called the District of Doom - to bad we gotta eliminate our own district opponents!
  10. Lions gotta throw out the playbook and let these boys play if we wanna have a chance - IMHO
  11. I was hoping for pine tree at least - lobo stadium isn't the best of venues these days.
  12. Wouldn't have mattered if he caught it - when wasn't in the endzone
  13. Great game Van - great way to start your play in the DOD and way to represent!
  14. Home side being 30 rows up makes our side look light for sure
  15. Had to drive to Dallas - do a couple hours work and then drive back - was on the charger the whole time
  16. Henderson will be on one of the local stations and I figure van will be on KMOO
  17. I have my waders, rain jacket and rubber boots in the truck - about to start heading that way!
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