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  1. Anyone know what just occurred? NFHS seemed to not be sure and all I heard was the possibility of the refs needing an administrator to get involved.
  2. I'm from Carthage and obviously rootin' for my Dawgs, but I've seen that as well and was very disappointed
  3. The first championship game I'm missing and hate I'm missing it, but take care of business Dawgs!
  4. Happy Bulldog Friday y’all!!! Safe travels to everyone heading to Arlington this morning! I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for some football!
  5. It’s finally game day and 11 hours and some change until the battle begins. Don’t forget to purchase your ticket online if you haven’t already. Safe travels to everyone heading to Frisco and as always...... GO DAWGS!!!
  6. I think my crew and I will get there around 5:30-6:00 just to get in line if not earlier. We'll head out from Carthage around noon.
  7. Our heads aren't "big"...well mine that is since I can't speak for other people. Our team is very good and I'm proud about that just as you'd be proud of your Lions, when you can accurately and confidently speak on how good your team is and they back it up it's just stating mere facts. *shrugs*
  8. Agreed! I don't understand why some can't give credit where credit is due -_-. Heck if Hendo had've beat us, I'd be rootin' for them to bring the title back to bEASTexas. It seriously makes no sense....
  9. Most likely bottom towards the south endzone between 30-40. That has been our spot nearly every game and I doubt we switch it up this week ha.
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