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  1. Or expanding one more would involve a tie among more than just a handful of teams and then you would have an arbitrarily long list instead of an arbitrarily short one.
  2. Sorry, I meant to leave that in there. It's from https://www.texashighschoolfootballhistory.com/won-loss_records.html
  3. Source : https://www.texashighschoolfootballhistory.com/won-loss_records.html
  4. In all games, Pottsboro is scoring 45.7 points per game against defenses that allow 26.6 ppg, for an offensive swing of +19.1. Grandview is scoring 41.1 points a game vs defenses that allow 25.4 ppg for an offensive swing of +15.8. Pottsboro is holding teams that score 29.1 per game on average to 19.1 (+10.1 defensive swing) while Grandview is holding teams scoring 33.4 ppg to 14.4 (+19.0 defensive swing). Overall, Pottboro's swing is +29.8 to Grandview's +34.4. If Pottsboro swings the game like they normally do, they win 34-31. If Grandview swings the game like they normally do, they win 35-27. When these two swings do not agree, it can go either way. The prediction for this game is Grandview 33, Pottsboro 31. Only considering playoff games, both offenses have been impressive with Pottsboro scoring 43.8 a game against defenses that only allow 19.5 while Grandview is averaging 41.0 a game against defenses that are allowing 17.6. Pottsboro with the slight edge here with the offensive swing of +24.3 to Grandview's +23.4 in the playoffs. Grandview however has been far more impressive on the defensive side of the ball in the playoffs holding teams which are averaging 42.2 points a game to just 16.8 in the playoffs. Pottsboro is allowing 27.0 per game to teams averaging 32.8 ppg. Grandview with the clear advantage defensively in the playoffs with a +25.4 defensive swing to Pottsboro's +5.8. Overall, Grandview's playoff swing is +48.8 to Pottsboro's +30.1. Other stats I find interesting and relevant : Both offenses have proven to have the ability to score points, so both defenses are going up against potent offenses. I consider a team averaging 35 or more points as having a good offense. Pottsboro has played 4 opponents that average 35 or more while Grandview has played 8 teams averaging 35 or more. Of the 4 good offenses that Pottsboro has played, these teams average 41.0 ppg and Pottsboro has allowed 24.8 ppg to these offenses for a defensive swing of +16.2. Grandview's 8 good offensive opponents average 42.5 ppg and Grandview is holding these high-scoring offenses to just 17.1 ppg for a defensive swing of +25.4. On the flip side, I consider defenses that hold teams to 21 or fewer points as good. Both teams have played 5 games against good defenses. Pottsboro's good defensive opponents average 12.7 ppg allowed, and Pottsboro has scored 37.4 ppg against these defenses. Grandview's good defensive opponents average 13.9 ppg allowed and they have scored 32.8 ppg against these defenses. Pottsboro holds the offensive edge here +24.7 to Grandview's +18.9. All things considered, on paper, Pottsboro's offense is about 6 points better than Grandview's while Grandview's defense is about 9 points better than Pottsboro's. Prediction : Grandview 33 Pottsboro 30 I'll be at the games early tomorrow. Gunter and Pottsboro fans will be sitting on the same side, so I will be there to support Pottsboro, and I hope I'm wrong about this one. It's hard to win three games in a row that come right down to the wire, and it looks like this could be another one of those.
  5. Just some tidbits for stat fans. To say that Pewitt has some impressive running stats is an understatement. Pewitt is averaging 428 yards per game on the ground. East Bernard held them to 235 yards - which is the season low for Pewitt in a game. There are teams that would kill to have a 235 yard rushing game, and this is the season low for Pewitt. I do not have stats for all the games, but of the games I can find, East Bernard is holding teams that rush for 242 yards a game on average to just 122 yards per game, so East Bernard is holding teams to about 51% of their average. East Bernard held Pewitt to about 55% of their average, so this is pretty typical of that East Bernard run defense. Gunter is holding teams that average 196 yards per game to 70 yards per game, or about 36% of their average. On paper, Gunter has been considerably better against the run than East Bernard has been, and East Bernard has been the best run defense Pewitt has seen all year, so it's possible they will have a tougher time than they've had all year running the ball. Though, it is very hard to stop a team with five players over 800 yards including two 1,000-yard rushers and another over 2,000 yards. I don't know that you can stop one of those guys and hope the others don't beat you - because they can. Gunter is going to have to stop multiple threats - or slow all of them down....a lot. It's a tall task, but I think Gunter is up to it. Of Pewitt's 15 opponents, Pewitt has held 2 of them to their lowest scoring output of the season, and 6 of those opponents allowed the most points to Pewitt than any other opponent. Overall, Pewitt opponents have played in 173 games and in 53 of those games, Pewitt opponents were held to fewer points than Pewitt held them to. In only 24 games did a Pewitt opponent allow more points to a team than they did to Pewitt. Of Gunter's 15 opponents, Gunter has held 9 of them to their lowest scoring output of the season and 5 allowed the most points to Gunter. Gunter opponents have played in 189 games and in only 9 of those games did a Gunter opponent score fewer points than they did against Gunter. In 25 games a Gunter opponents allowed more points than they did to Gunter. To put all this another way, in only 4.8% of games did a Gunter opponent score fewer points than they did against Gunter and in 13.2% of those games did a Gunter opponent allow more points than they gave up to Gunter. Pewitt opponents scored fewer points than they did against Pewitt in 30.6% of games and in 13.9% of games, Pewitt opponents allowed more points than they did against Pewitt. For those that are not asleep from boredom, I found something very interesting if you only include the playoff opponents. Gunter playoff opponents have played in 67 games, and in only 1 of these games has a Gunter opponents scored fewer points than what Gunter allowed. Pewitt's playoff opponents have played in 65 games, and in only 1 of those games did a Pewitt opponent allow more points than what Pewitt scored on them. Something's gotta give here.
  6. Youtube TV also does a 5-day free trial, so you should be able to fit all the games in that window if you end up not sticking with it.
  7. Since 1986, Gunter has the third best record in the state among teams currently in 3AD2. Only Newton and Canadian have better records. Gunter has made the playoffs every year since 1999 (21 consecutive years), and in the past 10 years, their playoff record is 30-8. They have been in the state semi-final 4 consecutive years and the state champion ship 3 of the last 4 years with one state championship in 2016, and possible second next week.
  8. Overall, Pewitt is scoring 42.8 points per game against defenses that allow 26.6 points per game. Pewitt's offenses is swinging games by +16.2 points per game. Gunter is scoring 37.8 ppg against defenses that allow just 19.5 ppg, so their offensive swing is +18.3 ppg. Pewitt is allowing 21.7 points per game to offenses that score 29.6 ppg on average, so a defensive swing of +7.9. Gunter is holding teams that score 31.5 ppg to just 11.1 ppg, so a +20.4 defensive swing. Overall, Gunter's swing is +38.7 to Pewitt's +24.1. On paper, Gunter has a slightly better offense, and a clear advantage on defense. Gunter has had the tougher schedule - particularly in facing much better defenses throughout the season. Of the 15 opponents Gunter has faced, 12 of them hold teams to 21 or fewer points per game. Only 5 Pewitt opponents fit that criteria. Those 12 Gunter opponents give up 15.6 ppg on average, and Gunter scores 34.5 ppg against these opponents. The 5 sub 21 defenses Pewitt has faced hold teams to an average of 15.3 points and Pewitt scores 38.5 ppg against these defenses. A small sample size, but Pewitt gets the offensive advantage against quality defenses with an offensive swing in these games of +23.2 to Gunter's +18.9. Both Gunter and Pewitt have faced 9 offenses that score 30 or more points on average. These 9 opponents for Gunter average 40.9 ppg and Gunter holds these teams to 14 points per game. The 9 Pewitt opponents with quality offenses average 35.7 ppg and Pewitt holds these teams to 27.1 ppg. Gunter holds a significant advantage again with their defensive swinging quality offenses by +26.9 points to Pewitt's +8.6. In other words, against quality defenses, Pewitt's offense has been 4.3 points better than Gunter's. Against quality offenses, Gunter's defense has been 18.3 points better than Pewitt's. So, only considering these quality opponents, Gunter has been 14.3 points better than Pewitt. Also worth noting is that Pewitt's defense would not be included as a quality defense because they are allowing slightly more than 21 points per game, so it is a little unfair to compare how Gunter and Pewitt do against defenses that hold opponents to fewer than 21 points per game on average when Pewitt's defense doesn't do that. The prediction : Gunter 35 Pewitt 25
  9. I'll have more numbers on this later, but Gunter had a similarly impressive defensive performance against Canadian. Down 17-13, Gunter fumbled on their own 8 yard line and the defense held Canadian to a three-and-out and only a field goal. After Canadian scored on a 54 yard run with 3 minutes left in the first half to take a 17-3 lead - the only time Gunter has allowed a big play on the ground all season by the way - those three points off that turnover inside the 10 yard line were the only points Gunter allowed since that 3-minute mark of the 2nd quarter. This against arguably the most potent offense in the state. Gunter has very good reason to be proud of their defense as well. Should be a good one. I'll have numbers later.
  10. I think they always sting at this stage. What a great program you guys have. Great game.
  11. It was a wild series of events to end the game. Canadian is out of time outs and driving. Getting 15 yards a pop, clock stops while the ball is set and so on. The get a long first down down to about the 20 worh 3 seconds left. The official spots the ball and calls for the clock to start and the operator doesnt start it promptly enough for some. Canadian gets up to the line and is able to clock the ball with 1 second left. Some.would argue time should have expired. On the next play, Canadian throws the ball out of the back and side of the endzone. The reciever dives for it and is 5 yards from touching it and lands 3 yards out of bounds. Pass interference. I thought it was good coverage, but wouldnt be shocked to see pass interference called there, if it were anywhere close to a catchable ball. Anyway, the play you see in the video is an untimed down Canadian got after the PI call. It's tough to lose a hard fought game, and this sure was, but I think had Canadian scored here and forced overtime and ultimately won after that probably would have been a bigger gut punch for Gunter after gutting out a 24-3 run to finish the game to have it seemingly stripped away by some controversial calls in an otherwise uneventfully officiated game.
  12. Hopefully I'll have something this weekend. Currently on the road after one of the best football games I've ever seen. Congrats to Pewitt.
  13. I feel like a traitor because I picked Canadian in the poll and they are leading by one because of me. I'm ashamed. Can I change it to Gunter?!
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