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  1. I do wonder if some mediocre programs might shine a little more this year. . I believe that most of the power programs have great off-season programs and being off most of the summer will make them more vulnerable to injuries and a lack of conditioning will show up to some degree. A mediocre program with a few good athletes might have a chance this year. Coaches and off-season training plays a huge roll in schools going 3-6 rounds deep in the play-offs year after year.
  2. Newton had 115 wins but playing the likes of Henderson,Gilmer,West Orange and Silsbee in pre district kind of slowed us down.
  3. For Newton the 1981 team got beat on first downs in a quarter final game with Cameron 28-28. Cameron won state. in 1987 Newton lost to Cameron again 14-9 and Newton had a 4th and 1 at Cameron one yard line and didn't make it. In 1989 Newton lost to Mexia 21-20 on a missed extra point on last play of game. We all thought it was good. We had them doubled in first downs and penetrations but lost 2 fumbles inside their ten. Mexis won state that year. Several other years Newton was a play or two from going to state.I believe Newton has only had 3 losing seasons since 1972.
  4. I can see us social security veterans being banned from games and all that purchase tickets or players (any UIL participate ) having to have a vaccination and proof of it to be able to attend or participate in any games. It want be long before people exercising will be doing alone for fear of the virus.
  5. I don't think this will hurt established programs near as much as programs that are say four years old or younger. Newton's Pee Wee football program is the same as varsity and this same system has been in Newton since 1970, I think. I do think in smaller classifications that the better the athlete, the more they will shine this year. Technique will be a little lacking especially in the trenches. I do think the powerhouses will get it done, they always do.
  6. That is great for the economy but I sure don't like a lot of people moving in and having a minni Houston with all the traffic congestion, you tend to get more problems than answers with tremendously fast growth. Steady growth is best. I prefer my neighbors living about 1/4 mile or farther from me. No problem
  7. A group of mommy's boys or thugs will really have a rough go with Newton. If you don't have heart, football isn't your game. Also I have seen non-disciplined schools and from the Janitors,teachers and up had bad hair days everyday.
  8. Wow , pulling for the Lionetts
  9. Good list but James Sylvester of Newton just honorable mention. This guy is at Baylor right now,
  10. I am glad we kept West-Orange Stark on our schedule, I wish we could have kept Silsbee but we will be ok.
  11. Awesome, Thank You Jesus
  12. The teams that lost the last game (state game )would think it was 3X more important to win state than be state finalist. Only state finalist remember being state finalist 20 years later. I would actually think state championship winner to be worth 10 points instead of 8.
  13. Prayers for the family and community.
  14. To long ago but I always wondered how the 1998 Eagles and the 1998 Aledo Bearcats would have turned out. Newton has played a lot of really good schools in the last 50 years but to my knowledge we have never played Cisco,Sonora ,Refugio,Wimberly or Cuero..Maybe even Mart or Plesant Grove.
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