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  1. I believe Newton has way to many sophomores to go past round 3. Unlike a couple years ago, we have a depth problem and those 2 hurricanes put is about 3 weeks behind. Just an old timers view but I starting to feel like the Lone Ranger without Tonto wearing these I can't breath mask.
  2. It might be just my thoughts but I don't think their is a clear cut favorite to win it all. I wonder if 3a div 2 might be a little down this year. I know you have to be good to win state but the last few years the state champ was clearly dominant.What do you think ?
  3. I knew they were good two years ago, I just think they will be rusty like Newton is. We are probably 3 weeks behind our normal progression due to the hurricanes. I hope its a good game and you come out injury free. I still think you should win.
  4. They will have more players for sure but they haven't practiced that much because of Hurricane Lauren and the last one . First Hurricane did a descent amount of damage and this last hurricane probably added insult to insult to all .Just saying the Wampus Cats want be that good.
  5. A nothing year for Newton is what 90 % of the 3 A Div 2 schools would love to have.
  6. Last time Kountze beat Newton was in 1969. Newton rolls playing in their division.
  7. I believe they started playing each other in 1989. Newton won in 2014,2018,and 2019. West-Orange won the rest but I think Newton is 2-0 at Newton.
  8. This is a rivalry type game and has been off and on type year to year mostly because of fighting and it seems to be from graduates. Both teams play pretty clean but sometimes fans have done more than just enjoy the game. End of story
  9. Playing Jasper but we have played Carthage before and if it makes your players better and coaches sharper, win or lose it would be a positive experience. Iron sharpens Iron. Its all about the play-offs.
  10. I just saw on SETX that Kirbyville had canceled due to covid. I guess Newton needs to find a game or have another open date.
  11. I don't think so , Gunter won in 2016 and 2019, Newton won in 2017 & 2018 didn't they. Newton has never played Potts but I bet those two years Newton would of won.
  12. We could have both these storms-hurricanes hit us glancing or direct hit. Praying for the best,preparing for the worst.
  13. How many kids came out at Newton ? I haven't heard nothing.
  14. I think EC lost their top running back but they will be a solid test for the Raiders. If the Raiders arm tackle,it might not be a good game.
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