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  1. Surratt is 49 yo if I'm not mistaken and since he's still relatively young, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins 10 more state championships before he retires. If he retires ever.I tell ya I wouldn't mind seeing Surratt coach at Odessa Permian.
  2. ​The original post was about one thing, but YOU extended on that and went off on a tangent. And no, the people who reply to me are other members. Trump is not in office yet so if you wanna ask where's the wall, go ask Obama.
  3. ​Harrier, you cleverly are attempting to backslide and distort the origin of your posts. You were talking about US Steel and then you blamed Trump for being lax on oversight of pollution when he's not even in office yet. Why don't you talk to Obama, he has been in charge of EPA for 8 years, so if there's been any lax oversight, its on Obama. You sound more and more Dem all the time. I'm starting to wonder.
  4. I agree REB, if he respects America, America chose Trump, not Harrier's pick. It's ashame that some people get mad and jealous because my posts are getting between 35 and 60 replies each, while theirs are getting an average of 3 replies and there's one they put up which has no replies. Just pay them no attention and the dude will stop pestering.
  5. ​Like I said Harrier trump isn't in office yet. Why do you even blame him for things ? Go talk to Obama.
  6. ​Dave, please excuse Harrier's last post. Harrier, Dave was talking about Horseshoe Bend in Alabama. More mindless fluff and spam from Harrier.
  7. ​Harrier, your posts were about US Steel, they have several plants around America, you didn't post about the plant in D'field. The article about US Steel talks about the US Steel plants in the North and Midwest, NOT the one at D'field. And you talk about Trump and he hasn't even taken office yet. And by the way, I don't smoke dude.
  8. ​Harrier, I am pretty certain that Obama has been in control of the EPA for the last eight years since he has been president since that time so why are you even talking about Trump and the EPA ? He hasn't been inaugurated yet. Any lax oversight of LSS/US Steel mill at Daingerfield-Lone Star you should discuss with King Obamarama.
  9. You wanna know what the saddest part about the slave catching done in old Africa was ? It was the fact that the kings of those tribes are usually the ones that caught the tribespeople and sold them to the whites in return for gold or money. Several of the kings ended up betraying the tribal warriors who wanted to band all the tribes together to fight the slavers.
  10. ​Errr...Harrier, I don't know if anyone has told you yet that when you posted about US Steel Corp. maybe you didn't know it, but the LSS plant at Daingerfield IS US Steel now.
  11. tensions between whites and Indians BEFORE Horseshoe Bend LED to battles like Horseshoe Bend.
  12. ​The author of the link is correct. Also CarthDawg, Not sure if you realized this or not but most tribes in old Africa had slaves BEFORE slavery was practiced in America. Also the Muslim tribes especially were known to go to far-off areas and capture peoples of different tribes and bring them back thousands of miles over the desert back to their own villages, where they made them slaves until their natural deaths. I don't know if you read the book ROOTS, but it talks about this quite a bit. Needless to say, I was shocked when I first read this many years ago. The Mandinkas in particular had
  13. ​Wrong, the Indians helped the British fight our Continental soldiers and militias in the 1770s and 1780s and THAT is why the Indians were punished.
  14. but you should study WHY he wanted to preserve the Union. Like I said, the colonies did not give up their rights simply by joining a union to fight the Redcoats. the North is mistaken if it thinks so.
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