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  1. well you are able to if you chose, to waste your time doing so,,, but you can go back and find my posts over the past few years. that's your choice to do so or not. I posted a few times probably many weeks apart, and a couple of weeks ago,,, and was asked by another poster,,, "where you been AOB, I've missed seeing you on here." Yes, I have made a few posts in the past 3 years,,, but. Not very many. I could probably count the posts on one hand that I've made since 2016. And if it were more than a hand full it wouldn't be many more. As often as I was a regular on Smoaky, for 7 or 8 yea
  2. He's been on here the last 3 years. He talks about Gilmer all the time. Easy to recognize him because he writes long novels explaining why Gilmer should have beat Carthage but instead got a hurtful spankdown from the Dawgs! Also. I'm a Hawks fan too. Edited September 28 by NightStar11 LOL, I don't know what your issue with me is. Don't know that I care much about what you have to say. I don't care if my English is right or wrong on a football forum. I don't think any of my posts could be considered a "long novel". Usually those come paperback or hard co
  3. Gilmer vs Olney somewhere out near Fort Worth in '60 or '61. The temp was hovering around 18 degrees all night, with about a 25 mph wind. I thought my ringers and toes were gonna freeze off. Plus, we lost,,, that made it that much worse. People brought large paper grocery bags to put their feet down into and tied them tight around their calves, trying to stay warm. Not many, (if any) folks had insulated boots back them.
  4. Well, I haven't been on Smoaky for three years I think. I just finally got burned out with it,,,,, and with dumb people trying to sound all bad and knowledgeable when they don't have a clue. I came back on the other day just for something to do, (been retired and bored for a long time.) LOL and saw the post from this other dude, and it just fueled my fire. many folks on Smoaky enjoy getting on here and making posts they don't know are true, just wanna be a dumb butt, and sound important. Especially when they badmouth a coach or team, or talk about Gilmer,,,,,,,,,, and l'm a "BIG",,,,,,, B
  5. I did not say the Carthage "team" was scared of Gilmer. Now that would have been something dumb. But about the dumbest thing I've seen on Smoaky since 2004 was "your" post. You didn't get what I was saying at all. When Gilmer got things back to a 9 point game late,,, I assure you that some backsides puckered in the stands a little bit. If you think not, and you think I was wrong, then not only would you be saying that Carthage fans be are as arrogant as they come, and that the IQ level down there would be a bit low. But I know that's not the case........Carthage fans I've encountered her
  6. I didn't get to go to the game last night but listened on the Buckeye website. We knew going in that this game was gonna be darn near impossible for the Bucks to win. But doggone it, (no pun intended LOL) if we didn't put a little scare into some Bulldog fans. Those on here that talk about the Buckeyes not being very disciplined are right , in that we sometimes get dumb penalties, at the most inopportune times, and hopefully we can eliminate some of that. But you can't just take away their aggressiveness either. I totally disagree that our coaching staff is not a good staff. Should
  7. Hey, I'll let oldbuckeye#62 answer that for himself eagle34, but would bet he was talking about the context of the WOS kids money sign. When the Buckeyes do it, it's just to keep everyone on the team aware of the fact it's 3rd down coming up..... an important down to say the least, thus "money down". Gotta convert on 3rd down. Encouragement to play hard. I'm thinking OB#62 refers to their QB doing the money sign, like after he scored touchdowns, looking into the camera like "He's" money, as if it was about him. Nobody knows what his motive was/is. But he's one heck of a quality QB.
  8. Wow,, there is a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black on here these days. It's a shame that some people have to put other people down in order to make themselves feel better about themselves. But when you do so sitting behind a keyboard wearin' your PJ's,,, that makes you a big guy with an IQ to match I suppose. As for the game, I am sincerely proud of the Buckeyes. Making it to the semi's 4 out of the past 5 seasons, says so much about the toughness, both mentally and physically of our program. I am not trying to be critical of anyone, but there was a glaring question mar
  9. So does anyone know which side of the stadium at Baylor is the home crowd parking lot? North or South? If it's south side, we'd have to park south of the River and that's a long walk,, HOpe it's on opposite side. My wife has some trouble on longer walks like that.
  10. I'm thinking Gilmer takes this game, but we will have to come into it with the same good week of practice and the same mental attitude we had last Friday. I'd love to see a blow out, but I'm thinkin' the Mustangs are gonna be pretty salty. Only thing to do though, to better last seasons record,,,, and that's make it to the Championship, and/or win it all. I would be satisfied this week, with a one point win, but why not just make a statement, that we aren't done,,, with a a big win that speaks for itself. Bum Phillips had a lot of quotes, none more famous than this one, "Last year we knocke
  11. Ok,,, I bought a new bag of Almond M&M's yesterday. Tonight after church, I decided to see where my Chocolate, (crystal ball) almond M&M's were leaning. I decided to make it more for certain, since it was the semis, so I decided to do a bigger test. I figured 3 out of five shots would give me a more accurate result. Here we go: first test, RED, dad gum it. Second test: Orange, yes. Third test: Red, crud. Fourth test: Orange, rollin' now. Fifth and final test: Orange, YESSSSS. The M&M's have spoken. Plus, we've played in 4 playoff games, in each we have been the home
  12. yeah, ok, why don't "you" ignore my posts? I guess that must be hard for ya huh? LOL
  13. First of all, if you click the "quote" button below someone's post, It won't look like you're just adding on to their post. It's obvious you aren't as up on this Smoaky thing, as you may think you are. First issue: You "did" misunderstand my post to you on more than one level. I never mentioned or even alluded to anyone moving to Gilmer from Longview or anywhere else. What I meant by my post was the surprise that so many people seemed to believe Gilmer was going to win last night, some saying we'd win by a big margin, and if you had been on Smoaky for a long while like myself and many
  14. LOL, Thanks girl,,, And trust me, I know how hard it is to be on Gladewaters band wagon as well, (rivalry thing) <_< In my opinion, there just aren't enough serious decades long rivalries these days. I have never had any reason to have any "ill will" against Gladewater, other than all the beatdowns we got from ya'll under Jack Murphy. LOL I just don't want to get beat by ya'll if we can help it. Somehow it's always easier to accept a defeat from anyone other than Gladewater. :rofl: But it's all in fun, and never meant to be tacky or distasteful. Us and you guys, and Dangerfield hav
  15. LOL I've been over myself for years. you have a good day sir.
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