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  1. We’re thinking about going back to DISH if it is. Thanks
  2. We already had the Suddenlink internet hookup and home phone, just added the cable. Only difference is on Fox Sports SW we get Spurs instead of Mavericks but since I don’t care at all about the NBA, that doesn’t matter to me. Only thing I miss is MLB network.
  3. We swapped to Suddenlink, the cable subscriber in our city, and get everything except the MLB channel, which ####, but at least we get Fox Southwest now. Our bill went from $260 to $71 per month.
  4. LaPoynor’s No. 1 for a reason. Laneville finished 27-7 despite having third coach in four years.
  5. Laneville wins 65-59, play LaPoynor at noon tomorrow
  6. Let’s put this to bed before it gets out of hand, not that would happen on Smoaky, but he’s only there for the rest of the year to replace an assistant who left.
  7. He came from New Summerfield and I know him well. He won a state championship in basketball at Laneville and graduated from Cushing. Several bigger schools have approached him about their superintendent positions. He is one of the smartest and well prepared men I know. I make no promises about who he’ll hire as football coach, but then how many coaches are hired who don’t work out? Apparently, he can’t do any worse than his predecessor.
  8. Got a good friend who doesn’t like bacon, true story. Don’t know what’s wrong with him because he’s GeeHaw on everything else. Hope St Peter will overlook that when the time comes.
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